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Galavanting Around Laguna Beach!

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED CrazyDogMama Website!  This is my first post here, and I thought we could start with a date at Laguna Beach!

It was the first year I had moved to Southern California from Seattle in the summer of 2010, and my mom and I were having dinner at C’est La Vie Restaurant and Bakery – extremely yummy btw – and the sunset picture was taken from the deck where we were dining and relaxing.  I had Beef Tenderloin in a port wine sauce with mushrooms (OMG – nom, nom, nom!), a glass of house Cabernet and a mocha for dessert.  We had been shopping in all the little shops (which are incredibly cool and artsy, but HELLACIOUSLY expensive) and I bought a tiger print bag from Chico’s (swoon!).  It was the perfect day. My mom really loved Laguna Beach, and after we moved here, she begged me to go down there every chance we got. She passed away in 2013 and I miss her so much I can’t breathe.  Dale (my sweetie) and I also had our first kiss overlooking the bluffs here on a stormy night in March of 2013, so this is by far my favorite beach in Southern California – both for it’s beauty, and for the personal nostalgia it has for me.

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