Cozy Reader Club Box Subscription Review, April 2016

Hey there!  OK, here we are again with review #2 – The Cozy Reader Club Box Subscription!  I chose this one because of my love of books (obviously), but also because it is a higher-end box that comes with bookish goodies.  It is geared towards women and focuses on comfort and relaxation.  The Cozy Reader Club is a monthly subscription, and if you sign up for their email right now, you get $10 off for the life of your subscription!

Here are the options:

Month to Month – $64.95, Charged every month (until you cancel)

3 Month Prepay – $180.00, Charged every 3 months (until you cancel)

Each month’s box contains one of each of the following:

-A recently released women’s fiction novel

-Artisanal coffee, tea or hot chocolate

-Beautiful handmade items

-Gourmet handcrafted treats

I pretty much already knew I was going to love these boxes, but my first un-boxing confirmed it. Total and complete love and devotion from me for life, I’m guessing. My credit card was charged $54.95 with no tax or shipping added – which included my $10 off for life coupon. It renews automatically at the end of each month.

Cozy Reader Club Box Subscription Review, April 2016

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Box

The box is sturdy and has their lovely brand on it.  I don’t know why, but when the boxes are branded, it feels more gift-y to me, like someone else got it for me – which is actually true – God gave it to me.  I don’t take one second of it for granted.  As edgy and hardcore as I may seem, I have a deep love for, and faith in God.  Some say they don’t buy it when they witness me smoking and cussing, but it’s true.  I’m not a hypocrite, I know my faults (all too well), and I totally own up to all of them, but I guess I just retort with “Don’t judge me just because I sin differently than you”.  I have spent most of my life hard-pressed for money (not because I overspent), so to be able to buy myself stuff like this now is quite surreal.  I have waves of guilt from time to time, but I’m working with my therapist to get over it.  🙂  I went completely overboard this last month in what I’ve started calling the “Spring Box Frenzy”, but I’m going to narrow it down to my favorites.  Which is going to be VERY hard.  This box has definitely made cut.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016

Look at the pretty packaging.  The colors!  I get mesmerized over packaging.  I will probably end up with a shitload of empty boxes, shredded packing material and tissue paper in my garage – which will work great for Christmas!  The better a box is presented, the more likely I am to love it.  It’s gotta be psychological, and they know how to manipulate me well.  LOL!

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Insert

As you can see from the very professional-looking insert, the total retail value of the box is $78.97, so a total of $24.02 for me in savings.  HOWEVER…I saw the hardback book at Costco for $15, so if I take that into consideration, it is only $12.03 in savings, but still, I didn’t have to drive anywhere or pay tax, etc.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Box Contents

Here are all the items at a glance.  Such a great selection and wonderful presentation.  This would make an excellent gift for a great woman in your life, too.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 The Nest Front

I have to admit, I never in a million years would have picked this book up and looked at it.  It seems way too ‘girly’, mainstream and domestic for me, BUT, that is what makes box subscriptions so cool!  I am broadening my horizons!  I will read it (it actually sounds interesting and gets great reviews) and I may (or may not) discover a side of myself I didn’t know.  That seems to be happening a LOT lately.  I’ve never been a girly-girl full of pink and bling (I lived in Seattle in the Grunge years), but YE GADS I’m turning into one!  Oh well.  Hahaha.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 The Nest Back

This is going to sound a little weird, but many of the items I’ve purchased lately (in box subscriptions or not) have been this sort of turquoise-y, sea foam green color.  And I’m liking it. My nails are even painted turquoise right now – and I didn’t pick it to stay with the trend, it just sort of ‘happened’.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Tea Infuser 2

I think this really cool tea infuser is my favorite thing in the box!  I love the beads and the charm!  This is super embarrassing, but I just recently started drinking teas, and I had no idea what to do with this thing at first.  I had to email the manufacturer on Etsy (the info from the insert came in handy) and ask for instructions.  I know.  Total dolt.  But at least I know now, right?  Shortly after I did that, the Cozy Reader Club sent out an email on how to use it.  I’m guessing the Etsy maker spoke with them and told them about my questions.  Kinda funny.  I will put the instructions I received at the bottom of this post for you, in case you are dolt, too.  You’re welcome.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Tea Infuser 1

Just beautiful.

ozy Reader Club April 2016 Jasmine Pearl Tea

This tea is delicious.  I’m new at tea, and the fragrances are what get me.  When I drink it, I feel all healthy and shit.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Honey Sticks

Local organic honey.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  I don’t use honey in my tea (yet), I put it on French Toast.  What?  It’s good!  Do you know the health benefits of good honey?  It is amazing!!  Read about it here.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Tea Infuser Kitchen

It makes great looking decor, too.  Doesn’t it look fancy sitting on top of my espresso machine?  I hope they get along.


The cookies are kind of crumbly and hard to get out of the box, but they are really tasty!  Go great with the tea.

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Socks

Yeah, who doesn’t like cozy, funky socks?

Cozy Reader Club April 2016 Relax

Time for a little R&R!

As promised, here are the tea infuser instructions from Peggy on Etsy:

“Pull the lid off and put in some loose tea. Do not fill it though, as the tea leaves expand. Some tea expands a lot depending on the type. I would not fill it more than half full. Black teas steep for 2 min. using boiling water. Herbals for 5 min. using water just under boiling and rooibos and honey bush for 6-7 min. in hot water at about 180 degrees. If you like your tea strong, use more don’t steep longer or it will be bitter. Enjoy!”

Have you read “The Nest”?  Did you like it?  What is your favorite tea?  Let me know in the comments below!

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