Happy Rebel Subscription Box Review, Spring 2016

OK, so I’m a little late to the party on reviewing a box that came out in March, BUT, it does NOT mean that the box is sub-par! In fact, the Happy Rebel Box is probably my favorite box to date. I have pretty much loved all the boxes I’ve received so far for one reason or another, but this one is SO ME. I’m a 44 year old woman that still wears ripped jeans, is contemplating putting pink or green in her hair and has a zombie wine holder in her living room. When you look at the card insert for this box, put blonde hair on the model (and about 50 pounds) and you have me in a nutshell. On their website you will see skull decor, statement jewelry, black leather bags and all sorts of other edgy and modern luxe items that make me squeal with delight. I’m so completely excited for their summer box coming out in June!  If you have a wild side at all, and are having trouble deciding which box to get – GET THIS ONE.  I have a gut feeling their boxes will just keep getting better and better each season; the website is already boasting that there will be over $200 in items in the next shipment.  If you use the code “FOUNDING50″ at checkout, you will get $50 off a year’s subscription (4 boxes) – but hurry, I don’t think the offer will last much longer!

Quarterly Happy Rebel Box $100 – auto renewing

Annual Happy Rebel Box $380 ($330 if you use the $50 promo code) – auto renewing

Here is the spoiler for the June Box themed as “Poolside Summer”.

Happy Rebel Subscription Box Review, Spring 2016

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016

The box is black, and their logo is a skull.  SOLD!!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Open

A personal note in my box – a lovely touch!  Black tissue paper and professional inserts.  They know what they’re doing.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Inserts

The model I was talking about that is my kindred spirit.  My tattoo is on my ankle, though.  😉  I love that she is not an annoying-looking 20 year old.  A skull sticker – love it.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Packing

Everything is black – nice!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Insert 1

The Insert: ‘Girl’s Night Out’ is the Spring Theme – and this is their first box.  I’m sooooo glad I am getting in at the beginning of this subscription!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Insert 2

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Insert 4

The items are definitely high quality, and the retail value total is $164 for this box.  I subscribed to the annual subscription with the coupon, making this box $82.50 for me, so my added value is $81.50!  That’s terrific!  Not every box is like this, so I always feel like it was a worthwhile ‘splurge’ when it has such high value compared to the retail cost.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Insert 5

Part of the proceeds from Happy Rebel Boxes go to various women’s charities.  This is a great bonus, and I’m all for it!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Insert 6

You already know that I love ‘edgy’, but it is so fun not knowing what cool thing is gonna turn up in this box.  So many of the boxes out there are fairly predictable if you know what is trending, but I can’t predict this one!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Contents

*Almost* all the items at a glance.  There was one small wrapped piece that I almost missed!  The Midi Rings!  If it wasn’t for the insert detailing all the items in the box, I would have accidentally THROWN THE RINGS OUT WITH THE BOX because they were kind of hidden in the packing material!  How scary is that?!?  But, I found them.  Be sure to read your inserts!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Eyelashes

I have never worn fake eyelashes before because mine are naturally long, but I will totally try these out the next time I go somewhere special! I am real curious how they will look on me.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Necklace Nail Polish

I didn’t have any dark metallic blue nail polish in my stash, so this is a great addition!  I *always* have my nails polished, and I’m always trying new funky colors.  I wear black a lot, and gun metal grey is my new fav – but I’m excited to try this one out!  It also matches all the stuff in the box.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Necklace

I can’t even describe to you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace!  At first I was like WHOA, that’s big! – but it is SO pretty on and really stands out!  Dale and I go to 7-eleven every morning to get Red Bull for him, and then we go get coffee for me at either Starbucks or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  I decided to wear my necklace (I know, pretty ridiculously dressy for 6 a.m. errands…lol) and I got looks and compliments and guys holding doors open for me!  No kidding!  We’ve been doing this routine for 2 years now, and this is the first time I’ve gotten this kind of attention.  Too fun, and I’m liking it!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Necklace on Me

Sing it….”IIII’m too sexy for my necklace…” HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Clutch and Bag

This clutch is awesome.  Truly.  The colors!  The embossed crocodile print!  So different – I don’t own anything like it.  I take this on the morning errands too, so I don’t have to break my shoulder with my huge Dooney & Burke bag.  Now that we take Jack (my new puppy) with us everywhere, I needed to lighten the load.  And how cool is it that “deux lux” has  a dog for a logo?  They have my vote!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Clutch Detail

A close-up of the dog logo on the inside of the clutch – I’m all about the details!

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Rings

Here are the cute little rings I almost missed!  I love stackable rings, and I don’t have any silver ones this thin.  I love them!  Very pretty and feminine. And they fit like they are supposed to! Rings hardly ever fit my sausage fingers.

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Wearing Rings 1

Happy Rebel Box Spring 2016 Wearing Rings 2

And that wraps up another box subscription review!  I’m so happy with Happy Rebel – I love every single item in this box.  Keep up the good work guys!  Be on the lookout for a bunch more reviews before May is over – I am WAY behind.  My blog is not just box subscription reviews, although it may seem like it for the next few weeks!!  AAHHH!  Time crunch!  Having a new puppy has slowed me down a little…I’m busy cleaning up pee and poo in the house and saying “NOOOO!” every 5 seconds.   :-/  LOL!

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