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Wurkbench Box Subscription Review, Spring 2016 (NSFW)

OK, so I put NSFW (Not-Suitable-For-Work) in the title, so you can’t blame me if your boss walks by and has a heart attack. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†This is a review of an ADULT box subscription, and a not-so-typical one at that! ¬†What do I mean by not typical? ¬†Well, WURKBENCH is a new adult subscription box that is fully customizable (“Get what you want, and nothing you don’t”) featuring high quality items for up to 40% off of the retail price. ¬†Basically, you can get as wild as you want (or not), and the best part? ¬†You don’t have to awkwardly peruse the isles of a seedy adult store, or sift through millions of items on virtual sites risking computer viruses and getting thoroughly confused about what to get or how much you should spend. ¬†It is all done for you in a carefully curated box based on a profile survey you fill out. ¬†It is worth mentioning too, that the creators of Wurkbench¬†are a husband and wife team (Julie and Cody) – not some creepy weirdo in a basement somewhere.

Wurkbench is a quarterly subscription, and the boxes are priced at $69.99 (Fantasy Box), $99.99 (Sexy Time Box) and $129.99 (Pleasure Chest) Рdepending on how many items you desire Рwhich includes flat-rate shipping to the United States of only $6.95.  At this time they are only shipping to the US. You can put your account on hold (or cancel) any time, or you can buy a one-time box from their online shop. As a nice bonus, if you refer 5 people and they subscribe, your next box is free! If there is something specific you want to try, or have any questions, all you have to do is email them.  I had a really nice email correspondence with Julie Рand am super happy with the customer service!

Wurkbench Box Subscription Review, Spring 2016

Wurkbench Box, Adult Box, Adult Box Subscription

I love the box. ¬†Not only it is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy, but it is unassuming – the postman probably just thinks I got ‘regular’ tools. ¬†ūüėČ

Wurkbench April 2016 Box Packing 1 (2)

Red on the inside – nicely done!

Wurkbench April 2016 Box Packing 2

All the goodies inside!  Wheeeee!  Here we go!

Wurkbench April 2016 Contents

I got the most expensive box for $129.99; the “Pleasure Chest”. You only live once, right? I pretty much said “give me anything and everything” in my survey because I wanted to see what fun and interesting things I would get. I also signed up for their emails, and in one email there was an ad for an item that was new to me, so I decided to specifically request it. ¬†Sure enough, it was in there!! ¬†You can probably guess which item it is, but I’m pleading the 5th anyway…hahaha. There is a lot stuff in here! Let’s take a closer look…

Wurkbench April 2016 Paddle

A well-made, soft and flexible rubber paddle. ¬†No explanation necessary. ¬†Hopefully. ¬†However, I may keep it in the kitchen instead of the bedroom to keep the man from sneaking tastes of dinner before it’s ready. ¬†Kidding. ¬†Sort of.

Wurkbench April 2016 Satin Blindfold 1

A high quality, black satin blindfold Рvery nice.  I hate the cheap ones.  It goes without saying for ANY product Рyou get what you pay for.

Wurkbench April 2016 Satin Blindfold 2

Wurkbench April 2016 Vibrator

A rechargeable, medical silicone, splash-proof 10-mode vibrator. ¬†And it’s pink!

Wurkbench April 2016 Electro Shock Front

For the more experimentally-minded, an electro-shock wand. ¬†This isn’t as scary as it sounds – I immediately tested this out on my hand, and it kind of feels similar to the little electrodes they put on me in physical therapy when I herniated a disc in my back. ¬†You can vary the intensity – and the lightest setting kinda tickles. ¬†If you aren’t interested in it for sexual play, I’m guessing it would soothe sore muscles. ¬†I’m just sayin’.

Wurkbench April 2016 Electro Shock Back

Wurkbench April 2016 Electro Shock Gel

To go with the electro-shock wand, a specially formulated gel was included which is supposed to help with comfort and intensity.  The photos on the product boxes really crack me up sometimes!

Wurkbench April 2016 Electro Shocker and Gel

Wurkbench April 2016 Lube

And lastly, organic, glycerin-free lube – the necessary accompaniment.

Let me just say this. If you are considering an adult box, even just a little bit, GO FOR IT! Step out of your comfort zone. Be HONEST in your survey, too – no one is going to scold you or think you are crazy. ¬†Also? ¬†It’s super fun. ¬†It will get your adrenaline going when you see that box on your doorstep. There are many bloggers out there that won’t do reviews on adult boxes, and that’s perfectly understandable, but me?¬†After going through some pretty gnarly life-changing events, I reassessed everything and decided to relax and be myself. For the first time in my life. To live life to the fullest by my OWN standards and ethics – no one else’s. I’ve never been happier. Investing in some quality adult items on the kinkier side does not mean you are a slut, or some sex-crazed maniac with no boundaries or scruples. ¬†It can (and most likely WILL) spice up and enhance an already beautiful relationship, or just allow you to explore and learn more about yourself. If you are anything like I used to be, you may be secretly holding back for whatever reason – and I’m here to say, DON’T. ¬†I really liked this box, the items were high quality as promised, there was a great variety of new, interesting and fun things customized for me, and after doing an extensive Google search on the value of the items, I came up with a 43% savings! ¬†A few things, like the vibrator, were hard to find online for purchase and were not available in the US, so if you consider exorbitant international shipping costs, the value is even higher!

If you are interested in trying out a box, you can go¬†here, or there is a clickable affiliate photo link on my right sidebar. ¬†I do NOT get paid for any of my reviews, and I pay the site’s stated prices for all of my own subscriptions – they do not send me free or discounted boxes in exchange for a review. Occasionally there are discounts or promotional codes, but those are available to anyone through email subscriptions or other promo sites. ¬†All of my posted reviews are my personal and honest opinions.

So now you know why ‘CrazyDogMama’ is a lifestyle blog with an edge. ¬† You’re welcome. ¬†ūüôā

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  • Donna Wong November 20, 2016 03.19 pm

    You are a very honest and edgy person. I like reading your blog entries! Going to see if my boyfriend will be interested in trying it out with me. lol

    • crazydogmama November 20, 2016 04.58 pm

      Hello Donna – Thanks so much, and I’m so glad you like my blog! Yes, absolutely try it out! Live happily “edgy” after!! ūüôā ūüôā


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