CrazyDogMama’s Crushes, June 2016

So I intended to do my ‘crushes’ posts once a month, but yeah, THAT didn’t happen.  Puppies, drama and box subscriptions took over my life instead.  I’ll try to do better.  But don’t hold your breath.

Crush #1 – Susie Cakes Bakery in Costa Mesa, CA

I met a friend for lunch at The Arc Restaurant (yum!) in Costa Mesa right next to The OC Mix , and while shopping around afterwards, I just happen to wander into Susie Cakes Bakery.  I really had no intention of buying anything, but Dale had been complaining there were no sweets in the house recently so I totally justified my visit on that, and decided to blame him for any impulse purchases.  🙂  I asked to sample a couple of things (just a lil’ taste), and HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN the Marble Cake!  Their Classic Marble Cake is described on their cake menu as “Vanilla and chocolate cake marbled together with chocolate chips. Filled and frosted with vanilla and chocolate buttercreams”.  I know you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but I’m pretty hard to impress with pastries, and I’ve never really found any bakeries that I’ve gone to more than once.  I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over, but there is a first for everything!  I took one bite of this cake and my entire jaw started to ache and salivate.  I actually started to drool.  This just never happens, I swear. So, yes, I spent $40 for a small Marble Cake. It’s a small bakery in Orange County – what do you expect?  It was WORTH EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CENT.  It lasted only 2 days in my house.

Susie Cakes Box

Susie Cakes Insert

Susie Cakes Chocolate Marble Outside

Susie Cakes Chocolate Marble Inside

Crush #2 – Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chips

Costco is pretty much my favorite place on earth besides a bookstore, HOWEVER, they got me hooked on their chocolate chips, and NOW THEY AREN’T CARRYING THEM ANYMORE!!!  How DARE they??  You see, I went on this medical diet last summer and lost 45 pounds (and I’ve kept 40 of it off!) and the only sweets I allowed myself during that time was dark or semi-sweet chocolate in small doses, and now (besides the occasional cake, of course) I have adopted that routine into my daily life so that I don’t gain all my weight back.  Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chips (KSCC’s) saved my life.  Literally.  The main reason I went on a medical diet was because I was afraid of becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic, and my doc told me if I didn’t do something NOW, I was headed there fast.  The dark chocolates I like are very expensive, so I decided to try chocolate chips that I can grab a handful of whenever a sugar craving strikes, which is pretty often.  I tried lots of different brands, and the KSCC’s were by far my favorite flavor.  The other chips just didn’t cut it – not even Nestle or Ghirardelli.  Plus, a huge bag at Costco is only $10.  One piece of cake can be 500 calories and 50 grams of sugar, but a handful of KSCC’s (about 30 pieces) is only 70 calories with 7 grams of sugar.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  Plus, I can have several handfuls a day and not wreck my eating plan.  🙂

Upon finding out they were not going to carry them any longer, I panicked and bought 6 bags, then my Godmother (bless her heart) bought me 3 more bags.  You can still get them on Amazon, but you’ll pay $23+ and who knows how long they will be available there.  I’m just pissed. When I bought all six bags, it was the only thing in my cart – and about 10 different people asked me what wonderful thing I was going to bake with all those chips.  I gave them a confused look and said “Bake?!?  I’m not baking, they are for my diet.”  The look on their faces was pretty funny. Costco is now carrying Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips instead because they sell better. BOOOOO! I used to go to Costco at least once a week – now I go MAYBE once a month, if that. Serves them right.

Costco Chocolate Chip Bags

Costco Chocolate Chips

Crush #3 – Tommy Bahama Ladies’ Low Cut Sock Liners, 6 pair

Another Costco item – I would probably never have found these otherwise.  So, even though Costco is on my shit-list right now (see above), I got these because I live in ballet flats (my Tieks, of course) and my feet get all sweaty in the summer without socks – AND my heels get super chapped and cracked even when getting regular pedicures.  These work perfect; they are soft, cute, fun, slim and stay ON.  They are $11.99 at Costco, but until 7/1/16, you can get them online at their website for $8.99.

Tommy Bahama Sock Liners 1

Tommy Bahama Sock Liners 2

Tommy Bahama Sock Liners Black

Tommy Bahama Sock Liners Black Lace Tommy Bahama Sock Liners with Shoes

So that wraps up my April/May/June crushes, but I will really, really try to be more diligent on once a month.  It is 92 degrees outside today, so it’s time to get off the computer and go for a swim with Jack!

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  • Cathy June 12, 2016 10.07 am

    Your new obsession with boxes should include checking out Man Crates! They have some great ideas!!

    • crazydogmama June 12, 2016 12.14 pm

      It does and I have! There are some awesome ones out there that even work for ME! 🙂


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