Happy Rebel Box Review, Summer 2016

Happy Rebel Box does it again! Box #2, I LOVE YOU! I know I say I love every box, but actually I’ve only posted reviews on my favs so far – there have been a few meh boxes for me, and I downright want to punch one company’s customer service rep in the throat. We’ll get to those later.

The Happy Rebel Box impresses me – not only with the type of items selected for the boxes, but the quality is there and they’ve stayed true to their brand so far – ‘Simple.Edgy.Modern.Luxe’. I read a few negative reviews on the first box (which perplexes me, but whatever) but so far everyone seems to dig THIS box. Before we dive in I want to add that I’ve had a rough week, so if I sound a little weird it’s because I’ve had two glasses of wine and now I’m eating sponge cake; pouring Hershey’s syrup directly onto each bite.  Make fun if you want, but I dropped my smart phone in the river before my free upgrade was available, bounced my head off the pavement and got 4 stitches in my chin, discovered a gas leak at my house and my air conditioning broke. How would YOU cope?

Happy Rebel Box Review, Summer 2016

Happy Rebel Box is a seasonal subscription box that delivers hand-selected lifestyle pieces directly to your door for $100/box, or less for longer commitments. For the deets on logistics, go to my review of their first box HERE.

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Parcel

This box came as a bag this time because they couldn’t fit everything into their branded box. It’s big! Gimme!

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Packing

I have never ripped into a bag so intensely in all my life. Except for those Hostess Ho-Ho’s back in 1990 when I thought I was going to starve to death in a freak snow storm. Box subscriptions have ruined me. I’m like one of those crazed QVC shoppers or something.  It’s nuts. What void am I trying to fill here?  Who cares – let’s see what’s inside!

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Contents 1

Lots of black and white here – LOVE!

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Insert 2

Here is the inside of the insert giving you the retail value of each item and a description.  The retail value of this box is $202 – which is incredible for a $100 box!  That being said however, I would never in a million years pay $88 for a towel. BUT, if you break it down, that’s $25 per item, and that’s totally worth it to me when I love and will use all of the items on a regular basis.

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Insert 1

The back of the insert.  For this box, Happy Rebel has chosen GEMS as the charity.

Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is the only organization in New York State specifically designed to serve girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

This is completely awesome.  I want to read the book.

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Towel 1

People have gone absolutely BONKOID over this towel online – which of course is gorgeous – but it’s a TOWEL people, K? I posted a pic of Jack on the towel (you’ll see it below, chill out) on Instagram, and Happy Rebel re-posted it on their Instagram page and someone posted a comment “Forget the dog, I want that towel!” or something to that effect. Forget the dog? Apparently the towel is cuter to them than a 15 week old puppy. I DON’T FUCKING THINK SO! Not everyone is a CrazyDogMama, I get it, but (and I’m so happy I can finally use this phrase) BITCH, PLEASE. 🙂 Now watch, this person will find me and rip me a new one. FYI to that person just in case: I’m not really angry, you just gave me good writing material! Go get your towel fetish on!

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Towel 3

This is Jack. On the geometric towel. So sorry to distort your view of the towel, but he is my star. He is also pretty much up in my grill no matter what I’m doing, and if I don’t pay attention to him, he gets even.  It’s not pretty.

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Towel 4

See what I mean?

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Lace 1

I couldn’t get a good shot of this black lace kimono no matter what I did, but it is STUNNING in person!  The material is heavy and luxurious – not itchy at all!  It is meant to go over a swimsuit or to dress up your summer style – and I feel so darn pretty in it! It is quite roomy, so there should be no size issue for anyone.  I looked up the maker/designer on the insert provided because I need to browse & shop at THAT store!!

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Lace 2

It is such a flattering piece.

Happy Rebel Box Summer 2016 Lace 3

Yeah, you’re not getting a face shot this time cuz I got in a fight with the concrete patio in my backyard and the concrete won.  I look like hamburger meat.

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Wine Cups 2

It is amazing that I don’t already have stemless silicone wine glasses being that I have a pool and subscribe to a gazillion boxes. But I do now!! Hot damn! These will get a lot of use. They are sturdy and soft and bouncy.

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Wine Cups 1

It took a hot 10 minutes for me to break out the wine for these!  And there is that towel again!  You are also seeing a little sneak peak at the round throw I’m using as a summer tablecloth from the FabFitFun Summer Box Add On extravaganza I took full advantage of!

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Wine Cups 3

Getting more use.  I actually don’t drink all that often – but for some reason wine is just sounding so darn good right now…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 1

Behold the foxy vegan leather animal print tote!  It’s killer!  No one says “killer” anymore, I know, but I’m bringing it back.  You just wait and see.

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 2

Nice sturdy rear end.

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 3

The towel fits!  I think they planned that.

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 4

Gee, I wonder whose nose that is!

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 5

Jack approves.  Don’t bump it in the pool, boy!

Happy Rebel Summer 2016 Bag 6

That’s how I look at the bag too; with adoration.  I don’t want to eat it, though.  🙂

The only thing that upset me about this box is realizing I had to wait until SEPTEMBER to get the next one!  Whaaaaa! I am *really* hoping for something skull-ish in the fall box – I’m thinking it’s possible due to Halloween!  I want that glass skull they tease you with in their video! And the necklace with olive green stones pictured on the site!  HINT HINT HINT – PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!  😉

I’m a Happy Rebel, are you??

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