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The Dapper Dog Box Review, July & August 2016 + Coupon

Are you ready to see the extreme cuteness of The Dapper Dog Box??? I knew you were! You will be dizzy after seeing the amount of pictures in this post. I’m not kidding.

Now that I receive subscription boxes pretty much every day, Jack gets SUPER excited for the mail and goes berserk when he hears a box plopping down on the front porch. Only some of the boxes are his, but he likes to help me open each and every one of them. (He only gets to chew on/destroy the dog boxes, though!)  I take photos of all the products I get (just for YOU!) but Jack of course photo-bombs whenever he can. I had to get a dress form mannequin to photograph any clothing/jewelry I get because laying them out on the floor was just a wee bit frustrating with a teething puppy. ANYWAY, Jack was over the moon about this box!

I discovered ‘The Dapper Dog Box’ on Instagram a few months before it launched in July of 2016 and immediately knew it was gonna be awesome. I’m getting pretty good at determining right away whether or not I’m interested in a subscription.  You *could* say I’m becoming somewhat of an expert. Ha. God knows I spend enough damn time/money on this obsession of mine. 🙂 But it is just so fun!! I am irritatingly picky about the boxes I stay subscribed to (I do a LOT of research), and after getting two Dapper Dog Boxes now, I’m probably a lifer. There are several reasons why.

First, the basics. The following info is straight from The Dapper Dog Box site:

You have tried the rest, now try the best.  Organic, all natural and personalized dog boxes delivered to your door.

PREMIUM VALUE AND QUALITY – $38 to $50 average package value (depending on size of box chosen)

PERSONALIZED BOX – We will put together what they like.  Heavy chewers welcome.

ORGANIC ALL-NATURAL TREATS – Made in USA in small batches from artisan small businesses.

We want to contribute to helping dogs in need and playing a role in more dogs finding their forever homes. We will donate $1 of all purchased boxes to different rescues, shelters and other pet organizations every month. You can feel happy knowing that your purchase will contribute to the better welfare for animals. If there is an organization that you would like to nominate, please email Kerrie@Thedapperdogbox.com.

Prices:  (Free US Shipping, Auto-Renewing per plan, Cancel or Skip any time, Tax not included)

Mini Box (3 items) – starting at $22.99/Month (1, 6 and 12 month options)

Standard Box (4-5 items) – starting at $32.99/Month (1, 6 and 12 month options)

To get 15% off of your first purchase, use coupon code “CHERYLISDAPPER” at checkout!!

The following is my personal and honest review of The Dapper Dog Box for July and August of 2016 as specified.  Yup, I am an affiliate, however I pay for all of my own subscriptions and am NEVER compensated for a positive review, EVER!

The Dapper Dog Box Review, July 2016

I chose this dog box at first because of the quality of the items (grain free treat option, artisan goods, etc.). I don’t like getting cheap, stale or old inventory from some huge warehouse.  I also like that you can personalize your subscription. There is a little survey to take upon subscribing where you can choose your dog’s size, nutritional needs and toy preferences. Additionally, there is a space to write a note with any special requests or concerns. The other nice thing? VARIETY. I like having the option of a ‘mini’ box, or being able to skip a month. Jack is spoiled rotten and the treats and toys pile up quickly around here.

All that being said, the real reason I am a now loyal customer is because of  Kerrie, the owner of this subscription box. If I don’t like the people behind a box, I won’t stay a subscriber no matter HOW GOOD THE PRODUCTS ARE! Customer Service for me is key. Kerrie passed the test with flying colors! Not only did she provide excellent customer service, but she is kind, friendly and really just the type of person you can’t help but like. I haven’t met her in person, but having spent my life online the last 16 years, I’ve developed a kind of knack for deciphering people. So trust me on this one. I am one of those annoying ‘click happy’ people that sometimes makes errors when subscribing – like clicking first, then changing my mind 3 minutes later. I did just that when I signed up for The Dapper Dog Box. I purchased a month-to-month subscription, then realized I wanted a longer subscription. I emailed Kerrie and she immediately refunded me and switched my account over per my request. Our email exchanges are frequent and personable – mainly because I ask 4 million questions and love to ramble. I’m a writer, I can’t help it. 😉 She has been most gracious to me, and my appreciation is off the charts! Kerrie also does a very professional follow-up, making sure you (and your fuzzy!) love the box, and asks for suggestions and feedback. I recently found out we are neighbors, too, which is a huge plus because it makes me VERY happy to support local small businesses!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Box

Here’s the branded box.  I didn’t get a shot of it before Jack did his handy work, but it is very pretty.  🙂

Dapper Dog August 2016 Insert Front

Here is their main business/social media card giving you the scoop on how to get your dog’s pic on their site.  You can also win free stuff when they do contests!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Insert Back

Dapper Dog July 2016 Box Insert Front

This is the informational insert that came in the box describing the first month’s theme – “The French Quarter Box”.  Is that not the coolest theme on the freakin’ planet? Dale and I are planning a trip to New Orleans very soon, so this was just so perfect!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Box Insert Back

I LOVE that there is a description of each item and a price breakdown on the back – this makes my job as a reviewer so much easier!  It also helps if you want to buy additional items.  This box had a $56 value for me – which is sweet!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Box 1

My handsome and DAPPER boy posing for a pic!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Box 4

OK, it’s GO TIME!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Box 5

It is truly the highlight of my month watching how ballistic Jack goes over his boxes.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Treats 1

Checkin’ things out…digging through the goodies…

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Treats 2

Jack immediately went for the treat bag.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Treats 4

…aaaand there he goes…

Dapper Dog July 2016 Trail Buddy Front

I don’t know why, but Jack loses his mind over freeze dried meat – and that is what these are. I mentioned in my survey that he likes this, and voila!  Here they are!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Trail Buddy Back

Great quality treats that aren’t past their expiration date!  What a concept!  Ha.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Box 7

Time to go back in!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Ball 3

A ball!  A ball!  A ball!  This was a duplicate for us, but we don’t mind at all – one for the house, one to keep in the car for the dog park!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Ball 2

I should really take the tags off before giving him stuff…lol!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Ball 1

A froggy!! And there was an alligator in there TOO!!!! These toys are so perfect for the theme, and CrazyDogMama enjoys the cuteness of the toys as well.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Toys

They are also the perfect size for my 8-pound beast.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Wants

Jack tried to take the bakery treats right outta my hands. He jumped up for these.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Bakery Treat

This was a learning situation for me. Note to self: READ THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS. I did not keep these in an airtight container as recommended right on the package, and as a result, they got super hard and I had trouble breaking them in half. Jack still devoured them, though, so no harm, no foul.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Bakery Treat Bottom

Love the ingredients – all natural and so good for your pup!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Macaroon Front

These macaroons smell SO GOOD.  Jack hasn’t tried these yet – we are still working through the other 3 gazillion bags of treats he has. I have heard other pups are going crazy for them, though. My previous Cairn Terrier’s name was Maggie, so I got all awwww when I saw these were named “Maggie’s Macaroons”.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Macaroon Back

Again with the great ingredients.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Coconut Oil Insert Front & Back

Two of the treats had coconut oil in them, and a brochure on the benefits of the oil was included! Great stuff for dogs AND humans!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Coconut Oil Insert Inside

Dapper Dog July 2016 Bandana

And finally we have a little goodie (more for mama than puppy) – a Fleur De Lis bandana!!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Bandana Jack 1

He looks super cool in it. 😀  It attaches right to his collar.

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Alligator

Dapper Dog July 2016 Jack Box Bed

We are ending the festivities with a little chewing on the box in bed. Nothing goes to waste around here!!

Dapper Dog July 2016 Contents

I would say that is a pretty impressive debut box! Three toys, three bags of yummies and a bandana – WOW! We loved everything and are fat n’ happy.

The Dapper Dog Box Review, August 2016

There was a lot of hooping and hollering when our second Dapper Dog Box arrived!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Box

I wore my brain this time and decided to take photographs of the box and products BEFORE Jack got his paws on it!  Yay me!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Card Front

The theme for August is “The Dog Days of Summer”!  Love it!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Card Back

The value of my box this month was approximately $52. Yay!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Contents

It’s packed full!!  Very nice presentation; I’m so glad I am taking my time this time. It’s kinda hard to take good pics when you have a tail batting you in the face and paws skittling everywhere.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Box 2

Jack couldn’t wait any longer. Somehow he just knew it was gonna be good…look at that tongue!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Box 3

Ears back and out of the way, tail wagging…actually, whole butt wagging…

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Box 6

He found the Crab Burrow right away and went in for the kill! It makes sense, the Zippy Paws “Burrows” are his absolute favorite toy!!! He has the Meerkat Burrow too, and plays with it every frigging day. I have little meerkats all over the house, all the time. Now I will have crabs. BaHA!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Crabs 2

OMG, look how adorable these things are!! These are my favorite toys too.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Crabs 1

Seriously, I can’t get over it…the little eyeballs and claws!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Burrow 3

I can’t even begin to capture how happy he is. He carries these little crabbies every.damn.where. I found one behind the toilet the other day.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Ice Cream Toy

An ice cream cone toy. Way cool! Fits the theme perfectly.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Toys 3

Jack and his spoils.  Is it just me, or does he look smug in this picture?

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Treats

Off with the treat bag!  Per usual.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Treats PBJ

PB&J. They even have comfort food for dogs.  😉

Dapper Dog August 2016 Treats Ingredients

Great ingredients – more coconut oil!  bobbyandbambi.com? ROFLMAO! Nice!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Icecream Front

Carob.  Because dogs can’t have chocolate; it’s poison for them.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Icecream Back

You actually FREEZE IT.  Like real icecream. Gee-zus! What will they think of next?? He will be partaking of this OUTSIDE.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Icecream 2

Yeah, he’s interested.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Paw Butter 1

Paw butter!  Living in Southern California, this is a wonderful thing to have! Jack’s paws get rough and cracked from being on the hot patio and in the sand on the beach all the time, so BONUS!  Don’t tell anyone, but I tried this on my heels.  Good stuff!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Paw Butter 2

Dapper Dog August 2016 Paw Butter 3

Dapper Dog August 2016 Paw Before

The Before Paw.

Dapper Dog August 2016 Paw After

The After Paw. Shiny!

Dapper Dog August 2016 All

The complete haul! Look at all this fun stuff!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Full Toy Box

Jack is going to need a new toy box. This one just isn’t cuttin’ it anymore…it’s busting at the seams!

Dapper Dog August 2016 Jack Box Rip 2

Everything has been thoroughly inspected.  Time to eat the box.

How can I not be enthralled with this subscription? The curation is absolutely amazing. This subscription is a little pricey compared to the other boxes, but IMHO it is very worth it. Are you as impressed as I am? Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to use the coupon!

To get 15% off of your first purchase, use coupon code “CHERYLISDAPPER” at checkout!!

Woof Woof to all the Dapper Dogs out there!  PSSST…Wanna special treat? Here is a little video of the August 2016 Dapper Dog Box, starring Jack the Cairn Terrier!

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