Wurkbench Box Review, Summer 2016 (NSFW)

So, are you ready to see the contents of my second box from WURKBENCH?!? Of course you are! Stop reading now, though, if you are at work, near children or otherwise somewhere that wouldn’t take kindly to adult content! To see my first review (for the Spring Box), go here.

Wurkbench is an adult subscription box tailored to your fetishes, or, ummm, I mean, personal preferences. You fill out a profile when you sign up, and they send you what you want, and nothing that you don’t! Wurkbench prides itself on high quality items at a 40% (or more!) reduced price.  The box comes quarterly (every 3 months) and you can choose the size of your shipment.

Pleasure Chest $129 – gets you TWO to THREE premium items (based on what your profile demands), TWO to FOUR pretty darn cool ones – generally designed to accompany the premiums, AND a few useful extras.

Sexy Time Box $99 – gets you TWO premium items, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras.

Fantasy Box $69 – gets you ONE premium item (like, seriously primo) item, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras.

You can also buy a one time box that does not auto-renew.

This review is for the $129 Pleasure Chest, because you know, why not?  My profile basically says send me everything.  I’m the Curious George type.  😉

Wurkbench Box Review, Summer 2016

NOTE: I am a Wurkbench affiliate, HOWEVER, all of my reviews are my own honest opinions. I am NEVER compensated in exchange for a positive review. I pay for this subscription.

OK, so I have to admit I was pretty excited to see what would be in my second Wurkbench box! It is immature I know, but I get giggly when opening up sex paraphernalia. Usually I know what everything is, and is for, but every now and then I run into something I’ve never seen before and my eyebrows go up. So put your inhibitions aside, and let’s get started, because I have no shame!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Box

You gotta love the box. It looks like a wooden tool box, which makes sense since the things inside ARE tools! But unless the mailman knows what “Wurkbench” actually is (my luck he probably does…), you won’t be judged. I keep the boxes to store the toys and products in (they stack nicely), and I also keep the individual product boxes because some of them are really nice! It is a great way to keep all of the cords/chargers/batteries, etc. in one place, too.  You can read about how and why they chose the name “Wurkbench” here.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Insert Front

The insert that comes in the box. If you refer 3 friends (my friends would KILL ME) you get a free box! Also, you can request certain items in your box – their website has a product spotlight. Yes, it may feel kind of odd to request stuff, but get over it – you’ll be happy you did!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Contents

At first glance. Look at all the fun stuff – this box is JAM PACKED! I was super intrigued when I picked up the box because it was so heavy!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Restraint Sashes Front

“Silky Sashes” by Sex & Mischief – Suggested Retail Value $14.99.  If you aren’t in the mood for, or don’t care for heavy restraints, this product is for you! I like anything silk because it feels so good on the skin!  It also takes less effort/time if you just wanna get down to business.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Restraint Sashes Back

The back of the sashes packaging has some ‘erotica’ writing on it to entice you. Pretty fun. And funny.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Mini Crop 2

“X-Play Mini Heart-Shaped Crop in Black” by Allure Lingerie – Suggested Retail Value $17.99. This is a very sturdy and well-made item. I tested it out on my thigh. It certainly packs a punch! My dog (Jack) was watching me and barked when he heard the THWOP!  LOL!  Note: It hurts less than the rubber paddle. 😉

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Mini Crop 1

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Mini Crop 3

Looks naughty, doesn’t it?

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 XINLV Vibe 1

“USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator” by XINLV – Suggested Retail Value: $28.99. This is one of the two “Hero” items of the box.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 XINLV Vibe 2

It comes with a bag and nice (keeper!) box, has 12 speeds and is made of silicone.  It is also water-resistant!  Wheeeee!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 XINLV Vibe 3

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Wheel 1

“Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel” by Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series – Suggested Retail Value $21.99. When I first saw this I thought “Isn’t that what you cut fancy ravioli squares out of dough with?” LOL! This prickly little item gives a sensation like no other! I’m gonna let you decide where it should be used.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Wheel 2

A black eye mask for sensory deprivation is also included.  You can read about sensory deprivation here.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Wheel 3

Dr. Wartenberg is a neurologist from way back, so this isn’t some gimmick! It is also medical grade. Which is always a good thing. I would never think of an item like this on my own, which is why box subscriptions are so great!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Glass Dildo 1

“Spiral Case Full-Tip Glass Dildo” by glas – Suggested Retail Value $25.99. This is Hero Item #2, and it explains why the box was so heavy! Why glass?  Is it safe?  Is it better? I found an article to answer all these questions here!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Glass Dildo 5

This glass toy is handmade/handcrafted/handblown (no puns intended), and each piece is one of a kind!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Glass Dildo 2

It is packaged quite well, and I think storing it this way would be best, too, so it doesn’t get scratched or broken!  Scratches would NOT be good…yikes!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Glass Dildo 3

The box graphic shows the actual size of the product.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Glass Dildo 4

There is actually quite a bit of detail if you look closely. It isn’t a gigantic dildo by any means, but the “spiral” on it is designed for extra pleasure, because glass alone is so smooth (and slippery) that it would be less effective without the texturing. I like the weight of it, too.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Lube 1

“Mood Tingling Glide” by Doc Johnson (Full Size) – Suggested Retail Value $8.99. Doc Johnson products are always good!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Lube 2

This lube or “glide” is water-based, non-staining, free from sugar or parabens, vegan-friendly (is this a thing in sex products now?), PETA certified, and is proudly made in America!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Finger Vibe 1

“Pink Tingling Tongue Finger Vibrator” – Suggested Retail Value $18.95. I lost my shit when I saw this item – it looks like a big claw or tentacle! LOL!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Finger Vibe 2

This finger vibe is made of silicone, and is water resistant, but not waterproof.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Finger Vibe 13

It fits on your finger like this. You’re welcome.

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 Lube Samples

“Premium Personal Silicone Lubricant” by Swiss Navy (2 samples) – Suggested Retail Value $6. One of the best lubricants for silicone products out there – I was happy to receive these!

Wurkbench Box Summer 2016 All 2

So there you have it, another custom curated WURKBENCH Toy Box! I calculated the total value of this box to be $143.89. This exceeds the price of the $129 “Pleasure Chest”, but not by 40% as advertised.  However, that didn’t bother me too much and I’ll tell you why. As a subscriber you don’t have to do any research or spend hours online trying to figure out what to get. Yes, you can find most all of these items (if look hard enough) for much less than the suggested retail price, but you cannot get all of these items in one place (I looked!). So if you consider your time valuable, that is worth something right there, plus, you need to consider how much shipping is for some of these places (especially internationally). My first box did exceed the value by the 40%, but realistically I personally don’t expect it every time. The best part of this whole thing for me is the ‘surprise’ of it anyway!

What do you think?  Ready to take the leap, or gonna pass? Any questions? Contact me!

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