Once Upon A Book Club Review, August 2016

Hello there fellow subscription box addicts and book lovers! I’m on a roll today and posting several reviews, so you’re in luck! This review is for a brand new subscription box called “Once Upon a Book Club“. If you are a certified (or certifiable – ha!) bibliophile like me, this box is DEFINITELY for you! Their motto is “Bringing Books to Life – Monthly”.

The Once Upon a Book Club is truly the most unique subscription book box out there. The creator sends you one new book a month (mostly women’s fiction released within the last few months) accompanied by several wrapped gifts that you are to open ONLY when you get to a certain page in the book! The gifts will somehow relate to or enhance the reading experience!

Once Upon a Book Club was created by the owner/designer Michelle Wolett of Chick Lit Designs and Once Upon a Book Case. Here is the pricing breakdown: (does not include tax/shipping)

Month to Month – $34.99 (auto-renew monthly)

3 Month Prepay – $100.99 (auto-renew every 3 months)

6 Month Prepay – $199 (auto-renew every 6 months )

12 Month Prepay – $390 (auto-renew every 12 months)

Straight from their Website:

Pairing the perfect gift with a special part of each book. Each box takes months of preparation. Every detail mentioned in the book is thought over to find the perfect spots to insert a gift. Subscribers can expect gifts to be anything from the book. It can be a piece that relates to that particular era, a journal that the character is writing in, a vase that used to hide something. We search something significant to the story line, to really make the reader feel like they have been pulled in and help tell the story first hand.”

Once Upon a Book Club Review, August 2016

Here I go again with yet ANOTHER book box! Because this box is so different from all the other ones, how could I not get it??? To keep my budget in tact, I promised myself that I would either skip every other month (skipping any month is an option available to all subscribers), or get it for a few months to try it out, then cancel.  Well, I was so impressed with my first box that all that rationale went right out the damn window. Sigh. I won’t be skipping or cancelling any time soon. Gah. Oh well, you only live once, right? At least I will have a large stack of books to read when I’m bankrupt and starving.  Fuuuck.

I’m not an affiliate of Once Upon a Book Club, and I NEVER accept compensation in exchange for a positive review. These are my real and honest opinions. I pay for this subscription.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Box 1

The box. Holy crap. So awesome. It is designed to look like a book…and IT IS PURPLE. I can’t get over it.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Box 2

I will not be throwing this box out, I will be putting things in it and keeping it on my bookshelf. Michelle put a ton of effort and thought into this design, and it shows!  Bravo, girl!


I look ridiculous, the box looks fabulous!

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Contents

Even the inside of the box is cool!  And look at all the girly goodies!

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Insert 3

A reminder that you aren’t supposed to open the gifts until you get to the corresponding page. THE WAIT IS KILLING ME. I am NOT going to open these gifts just to do a review. You have to wait too, so NYAH!! I will do an update and a book review after I do my homework. I am a slow reader and my TBR (to be read) pile is huge, so keep your pantyhose on. I also don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who just received the box. They are sold out of this one, but you can sign up for September. This is going to be very difficult for me because I have ZERO patience and very little self control.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Insert 1

A quote from this month’s book. I like it! So true! There is a whole lot of entertainment around here, all the time.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Insert 2

If you have, or are going to start a book club – here are a list of discussion questions for you! I’m not that freakin’ organized, so I will just include my answers to these in my followup review, K?

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Book Front

The book. I’ve never heard of it, so perfect! Totally out of my regular genre(s) of choice, which are horror and smut. I’m broadening my horizons.  :mrgreen:

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Book Back

The retail value on the back says $16, I saw it on Amazon for $9.52. I have no idea what the value of the gifts are since I can’t open them, but who cares?!? This box is all about curation and experience, so get over it.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Gift 1

Every gift is individually wrapped with a page number attached so you know when you can open it. I mean, look at how much detail and time went into this box! I am just so frigging impressed. I don’t know how many subscribers she has, but this has to take HOURS. Not only the packaging of it all, but coming up with the gifts, then finding them, then ordering them…I mean GEEZ!

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Inside Book

OK, I just died. She even included a reminder on the actual page of the book…no detail has been left out…

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Signed Card

When I opened the book, I found a card with the author’s signature on it. Of course that’s in there, of course. Simply amazing.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Gift 2

Another pretty little package that I can’t open yet. Love the sparkly silver ribbon!

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Telegram

A telegram! Can’t read it yet…

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Gift 3


Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Gift 4

Annnnd….one more.

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 All 1

WOW. Just WOW. *clapping hands*

Once Upon a Book Club August 2016 Box Empty

Lord God in Heaven, even the BOTTOM OF THE BOX is imprinted! Who thinks of this?!? Who has the TIME?!? Michelle Wolett, that’s who. Do yourself a favor and order this box.

I hope she doesn’t decide this is too much work, because DAMN. I don’t think she charges enough for all this work. I would charge y’all about $100 a box. Shhh! Don’t tell her that!

Is there even a question on how I feel about Once Upon a Book Club? I didn’t think so. I gotta go. I gotta read this book so I can open the gifts!

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  • Donna Wong November 20, 2016 09.12 pm

    This box sounds and looks amazing! I always imagine if certains really happen what it will be like. Since I miss the Nov deadline I’m hoping they come out with a discount code for Black Friday so I can get the Dec one. Loving reading your box reviews!

    • crazydogmama November 21, 2016 04.47 am

      Yes, the curator of this box is very talented and has the best ideas EVER! I’ve received 3 or 4 of these boxes now, and each one is more amazing that the last…

  • Ricki Jill Treleaven October 12, 2016 05.57 am

    OMG This one is interactive! I must have it! I’m going to go broke. Of all the book boxes which one is your very fave?

    Plus I’m an artist, and I keep seeing all these great art ones…..

    • crazydogmama October 16, 2016 04.22 pm

      I KNOW! This box is amazing. We will broke together – ha! I subscribe (and have subscribed) to so many book boxes, gosh, it is hard to choose a favorite! Once upon a book box and Cozy Reader Club are definitely up there, but probably ‘Beautiful Madness Book Case’ is my all time fav. I will be reviewing the first 5 boxes soon! I am (somewhat) of an artist too and like sketchbox and scrawlrbox, although I don’t currently subscribe to them because I have way too many unopened supplies. I am looking at Scribe Delivery currently for journaling supplies since that is more my speed.


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