Paw Pals with Annie! Review + Coupon, November 2016

Hello there all you CrazyDogMama’s and CrazyDogDaddy’s!  We’re gonna review a Doggie Subscription Box for you today called “Paw Pals with Annie!“.  Hooray!

Paw Pals with Annie! is a newer box subscription that features a delivery of fine quality dog products. Each box features an eco-friendly tote bag filled with toys, treats and accessories! The following is a blurb about their mission from their site:

It’s about receiving a meaningful experience. Everyday, our mission is to help you enhance the bond between you and your dog. We launched PawPals With Annie! to help dog owners find, try, and stock up on fine quality dog products. But, then we noticed a subscription box is so much more than a service. There needed to be a monthly delivery that helped create an experience for you and your dog with excellent toys, treats, and accessories.  

Additionally, here is a little about the owner of Paw Pals with Annie! and how it came about:

Our business is led by Elizabeth York in Miami Beach, Florida. She fell in love with her mom’s dog, Annie, a blonde Scottie from Savannah and named her company after Annie. As Elizabeth spent time with Annie, she discovered every time she gave Annie a new toy or a special treat, it created a meaningful experience they shared together. Elizabeth has since welcomed a beautiful Corgi girl named Nina into her own family.

There are 3 different monthly plans which feature seasonally themed products with FREE SHIPPING! After you choose a plan, there is a questionnaire to fill out asking the size of your dog, as well as toy and treat preferences.

  • Deluxe Bag – $40/month (most popular) – 5 premium products consisting of 2 toys, 2 treat bags or containers and 1 bandana in the size of your choice.
  • Novelty Bag – $30/month – 3 premium products consisting of 1 toy, 1 treat bag or container and 1 bandana in the size of your choice.
  • Sample Bag – $20/month – 2 premium products consisting of either 1 toy or treat bag or container and 1 bandana in the size of your choice.


For 10% off your subscription, be sure to use code  DOGMAMA  at checkout!

This box was sent to us for review, so yes, there are affiliate links!  However, I never accept product or compensation in exchange for a positive review, all of the reviews here at CrazyDogMama are honest, and represent all my own opinions and photography (unless otherwise stated).

Paw Pals with Annie! Review, November 2016

This review is for the “Deluxe Bag”!


OK, so right outta the gate I like that it comes USPS Priority Mail and I *LOVE* that the shipping is FREE! Bonus!!


Inside the bag is another bag…with a nice letter.  They give pricing for each item, which is so very helpful for me! I love it when curators do this.


Eco-Friendly Tote Bag – Retail Value $3.99

So, here is the next bag!  A bag in a bag in a bag!!  LOL!  What we have here is the first dog box to include an eco-friendly tote in every box. What a great idea! This will come in super handy at the dog park because Jack needs all of his stuffs with him. His poop bags, his ball (Heaven forbid we forget the BALL) his water bottle and of course his treats.


The November theme is “Pup Pie” – hahaha!  How cute. This will be Jack’s very first Thanksgiving…God help us.


The insert is very nicely done with the Paw Pals with Annie! mission statement + commitment to quality.


As a box reviewer and dog owner, there was a learning curve to the ‘unboxing’. At first I would just bring the bag/box right to Jack and let him tear into it. This made photography a little messy (bite marks, open packages, etc.) AND Jack has this habit of going straight for the tags! So, as I live & learn, CrazyDogMama now takes her photos FIRST and then REMOVES ALL THE TAGS before giving the spoiled rotten pup his goods. It works out much better this way. Here is a pic of the bag that is now filled and ready for ‘doggie unboxing’!


Willowear Dog Bandana – Retail Value $14.99.  Bandanas are popular this season for dogs, and this is a nice one – thick and well stitched.


Jack is only 20 pounds, so I received the small bandana – but it is nice and roomy!


Look at my handsome boy! Before you think I’m special needs, I put the bandana on him backwards so that you can see it better in photos. He has short legs, so it is hard to see the fabric when the pointed end is under his chin. The colors are great for the season, and they don’t emasculate him.  😉


Fruitables Pumpkin & Cranberry Crunchy Dog Treats 7 oz Bag – Retail Value $5.99


Natural, healthy treats are essential for Terriers because they tend to have more allergies than other dogs, so this was a great item for him!


Jack approves.


Polkadog Bakery Lucky Duck Dog Treats 2 oz Container – Retail Value $5.99.  Also natural and healthy + grain-free.


Jack is eyeballing those treats pretty fiercely…


HuggleHounds’ Knotties Turkey Toy – Retail Value $16.99.  OMG, how cute is this toy?!?



Yup, instant hit!


Mammoth Pet Products Fist Ball – Retail Value $5.99.  Jack is insane over balls.  I.N.S.A.N.E. !!



The thing I love MOST about this rope ball is that it is too big to roll under the couch and ottoman!  I cannot stress enough how happy this makes me. I got him a mini tennis ball recently, and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I am retrieving that damned thing from under the couch literally every 5 minutes! It gets old quickly. This ball is also pretty durable so should last a good, long while.


Do you see the look in his eye? He is coveting it.


Flash in the eyeballs!  LOL!


He can’t decide.  Jack often has two toys in his mouth. It’s like me with bacon vs. sausage.  Gimme both!!!


My Final Thoughts:  I have to say I was very impressed with this subscription box! It is right up there with my other two favorite dog boxes (see other reviews here). The toys and accessories are high quality, and the treats were natural and healthy. The items fit the theme very well and Jack went nutso over everything. The value is also there: $53.94 + free $10 shipping + any tax I would pay if I were to buy these items on my own. For a $40 box, this is outstanding!! Bravo!

Jack’s Impression:  See Jack’s reaction in this quick little video unboxing! Jack’s First Paw Pals with Annie! Bag  (I can’t get over that wagging little tail of his! It makes it all worth it.)

So there you have it!  What do you think of Paw Pals with Annie! ??

Don’t forget to use code  DOGMAMA  at checkout for 10% off of your subscription!

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