Risqué Reads Review, November & December 2016

Happy 2017!  I don’t know about you, but my holidays came and went pretty quickly. Also, the amount of subscription boxes I received this season was off the charts insane, so that’s why my absence – I was busy unboxing, photographing and enjoying my shizzle. 😉  It was Christmas pretty much every day around the CrazyDogMama house! So, my first review of the year contains one of my (not-so-secret) guilty pleasures – naughty books.  Risqué Reads is definitely one of my best ‘finds’ of the year!

Risqué Reads is a monthly book box, of you guessed it, SMUT!  Woohoo! Here are the details straight from their site:

Every month you’ll receive two erotic books from your chosen genre—plus a special surprise to make reading more fun and exciting. That’s hours of sexy entertainment for only $10.99. Save with a 6-month subscription ($60) or an annual subscription ($110). Each month we’ll send your subscription box in a discreet package straight to your doorstep.

It is seriously only $10.99 a month for two brand new books and a goodie, people! You can also skip any month you like with a quick press of a button. Shipping cost me $4 in California, so my total each month is $14.99. Not including the extra(s), that’s $7.50 a book! Fabulous! You can choose a genre (and change it any time): Erotic Romance, Fantasy, or Obedience. NOTE THIS: This is the ONLY book box that offers the genre “Obedience”!  I was so excited – finally! Also, they currently ship to the US and Canada only.

I am not a Risqué Reads affiliate, and I pay for my boxes. Please note that sometimes I receive boxes to review, but I *never* accept compensation in exchange for a positive review. All of my reviews are my honest personal opinions and contain my own photography (unless otherwise stated).

Risqué Reads Review, November 2016

As promised, here is the very discreet, plain white box. Even the label (on the bottom) had a discreet return address. How thoughtful! My neighbors already know I’m out of my mind though, so it’s no biggie for me.  LOL!

Not much packing material here, but it’s not like books are fragile. You also have to consider how reasonable the box price is; if they used fancy packaging, they would have to increase their pricing. The books were in perfect condition, however.

If you didn’t already figure it out, I chose the “obedience” genre. Because it’s super naughty. And fun to read.  😉 Dale (my sweetie) just shakes his head and chuckles when he glances over at me reading most of the time. Which leads me into one of my funny stories for you. We were driving home from a weekend getaway a few years ago and I was reading (smut) on my tablet in the car while he was driving. For the first time ever, he asked me what I was reading. I told him. His eyebrows went up and he said “Oh, really??” in a mildly intrigued voice. He asked me what it was about, specifically. I told him. Every 5 minutes thereafter I was asked “What is happening in your book NOW?” Basically he wanted me to read out loud to him. LOL! Men are funny.

So do you want to know what these books are about? Of course you do! Here are the descriptions from Amazon:

“Agony/Ecstasy”, edited by Jane Litte – Retail Value $15 (Amazon $12.99)

All new stories of punishing extremes and unbearable pleasure…

With historical, contemporary, and futuristic backdrops, this outrageously diverse collection of original stories explores every conceivable variation of BDSM erotica-from knitting circles to the Titanic to a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Featuring all-new stories by Meljean Brook, Jean Johnson, Bettie Sharpe, Jill Myles, Margaret Rowe, Sara Thorn, and more, this book has everything a reader could hope for in an erotic romance.

“Dangerously Bound” by Eden Bradley – Retail Value $15 (Amazon $15)

She can whip up something sweet…

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.

But with two in the kitchen…

When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.

Can they take the heat?

Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.

I’m excited to read these. I love that ‘Dangerously Bound’ takes place in New Orleans – yeah, baby!

1 Packet of Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa (Double Chocolate) – Retail Value $3.25

So this was the ‘extra’ in this month’s box, and you just can’t go wrong with chocolate in any form, with me. I promptly heated up some milk and mixed up this bad boy with some whipped cream and chocolate flakes…YUM. I might of put some whiskey in it, I don’t remember.

You know you want this. Total Retail Value is $33.25 (or $31.24 using Amazon Prices) – for $14.99! For a book box? Trust me when I tell you this is phenomenal.

Risqué Reads Review, December 2016

The ‘dirty’ white box is apropos, no? Ha. It was super heavy this month, too!

I must say, the packaging is lovely this time! Also, I get to comment on Risqué Reads customer service for you.

There was a shipping mishap/delay with my box for December; no doubt because the Post Office was overwhelmed for the holidays. I’m not a big complainer, I understand shit happens, but I decided to contact customer support because it was getting pretty late in the month and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get stolen off of my front porch or something. They got back to me the same day. This is awesome because I have zero patience. They profusely apologized and said they would try to track it down, but if it didn’t get to me by the next day, that they would ship another one out immediately priority mail. Wow! Now that’s customer service in my book! I did not get it the next day, so I emailed back to let them know. Another fast reply said it must of gotten lost somewhere because they couldn’t track it down via the tracking #. They told me a new box (with an extra little sumpin’ sumpin’ in it for the trouble) would be personally shipped overnight to me. It really wasn’t their fault, but they went WAY above & beyond anyway, and I am so grateful. I really appreciate good customer service and it does help me when determining what boxes to commit to. I did promptly get the box they express-mailed to me the next day, and here’s what I got…

This was a heavy box because it had THREE BOOKS, Mad Libs and DVD in it! The extra that was sent to me was the DVD. I could NOT be any happier!! There are usually only two books sent each month + an extra, but this month there was a bonus book. Wheeeeee!

Look at all the debauchery!

“The Naughty Corner” by Jasmine Haynes – Retail Value $15 (Amazon $13.45). I think the cover art is beautiful on this one…

The description from Amazon:

Somebody’s been a bad girl…

Writer Lola Cook is on a deadline. Meeting it gets twice as difficult when she finds herself in the unwelcome role of babysitter for her nephews. Two months with the twin teenage terrors is too much for Lola—until she has a brilliant idea: send the boys to football camp. That’ll at least get them out of her hair for five hours every day. Perfect.

Divorced father Gray Barnett has coached summer football camp long enough to know he’ll get saddled with misfits, but William and Harry exceed all expectations. They’re impossible, they’re disruptive, and when he meets their hot aunt Lola, they’re worth the trouble. That is, if Lola accepts Gray’s conditions.

Every time the twins misbehave, it’s Lola who must take their punishment. With every naughty infraction, Lola gets more and more accepting—of the penalties. She has no idea just how bad a girl she can be—or how much fun she’ll have getting what she deserves.

Lola is me. Totally. I’m a writer too, and if I got saddled with unruly children, off to camp they would go! I won’t comment any further on the similarities…hehe…I’ll just say this book sounds like a lot of fun!

“Simply Carnal” by Kate Pearce – Retail Value $14 (Amazon $13.08).

Description from Amazon:

No passion is too decadent and no desire is too exotic at Madame Helene’s Pleasure House–an exclusive brothel in Regency England that offers the ultimate in erotic delights. . .

Powerful Seduction

Christian Delornay has observed so many illicit liaisons at his mother’s house of pleasure he regards sex as merely an enjoyable pastime, certainly not an act of love. So when a young widow arrives in search of work, Christian hires her as his assistant with the intention of instructing her in the ways of sensual seduction. . .

Passionate Surrender

Desperate to escape her past, Elizabeth “Smith” is happy to accept Christian’s offer of work. She is prepared to serve his every need, yet she refuses to reveal her most intimate desires. But in the hands of a master it is impossible to deny her own wanton yearnings, and she soon succumbs to her secret longing for pure carnal pleasure. . .

I was so excited to read this that I started it right away! I have over 100 books in my ‘next’ queue, but this one bumped them all. I am going to tell you this: It does not disappoint! The setting is 1826 in England, and I *love* the way they talk to each other. It makes the seduction so much more intense. Kate Pearce is an amazing writer and I’m totally going to read the entire ‘House of Pleasure‘ series! If you work for or at Risqué Reads, HINT – HINT – HINT!  🙂

“Mind Blowing Sex: A Woman’s Guide” by Diana Cage – Retail Value $16 (Amazon $10.35).

Amazon Description:

Confidence, health, and self-knowledge are the keys to a happier sex life—and sex expert Diana Cage is here to teach you how to achieve all three. Mind-Blowing Sex is an inclusive, hands-on guide to making sex more enjoyable for readers of all sexual orientations. Beginning with a brief historical overview, the book provides women and their lovers with an expansive view of female sexuality—from where it’s been to where it’s headed—and takes a contemporary approach to sex, offering direct tips and informed advice on how to have the best, most gratifying sex possible. Irreverent yet insightful, Cage covers both the emotional and physical aspects involved in increasing sexual pleasure—including tuning into your sexual fantasies, overcoming hang-ups, touching and being touched, choosing and introducing toys, and understanding female anatomy and orgasms.

Straight-talking and non-judgmental, Mind-Blowing Sex will help women—straight and queer—to open their minds, reject stereotypes, educate themselves and their lovers, and learn how to enjoy sex more than ever before.

What woman couldn’t use this book?!?

Adult Mad Libs “Kama Sutra” Version – Retail Value $4.99

OMG – Mad Libs! I haven’t seen these since I was a kid! And these are not the ones I had…lol. How fun!!! I don’t know how serious y’all are, but we are totally silly enough to enjoy this in our 40’s, and not feel the least bit bad about it.

You could totally play a drinking game while doing this, I’m just sayin’. Yes, I am a teenager in a 45 year old body.

A close-up. I know you are smiling. I know it.

“Fool’s Gold” DVD – Retail Value $4.97. (NOTE:  This was NOT included in the regular subscription box for December, it was sent to me as a gift due to shipping issues.)

Amazon Description:

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson go for the gold (and the diamonds, emeralds and rubies) as a just-divorced couple who bicker and banter their way through an adventure and laugh-packed undersea treasure hunt. McConaughey is Finn, in love with his ex (Hudson) and in deep with gangster Bigg Bunny. After eight years of searching, Finn gets a clue to the whereabouts of the Queen’s Dowry, a fabulous fortune that mysteriously disappeared in the Caribbean in 1715. Now all he has to do is get the gold, get the girl and get going before Bigg Bunny gets him. Directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch), Fool’s Gold glitters with danger, action, romance, comedy, great one-liners – and a great time to be had by all!

Not only was is super nice of them to include this for me, but I’ve never seen it! I love romantic comedies, so this was just perfect for me! It was so cool to get a freebie that I will definitely use & enjoy.

Taking my freebie movie out, the total Retail Value of this box was $49.99!!! (with Amazon prices $41.87). ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE for a $14.99 book box! I am uber impressed. I love the stuff, I love the price and I love the customer service. ‘Nuff said.

Here I am enjoying “Simply Carnal” with my new fuzzy throw. Some people do “Sock Sunday”, I do “Smut Sunday”. (Sometimes, both.) 😉 The bookmark? It is isn’t a ‘bookmark’ per se, but it works beautifully. Danielle LaPorte (the best inspirational woman EVER) came out with these “truthbomb” cards that I am totally in love with. I thought this card was quite appropriate to use as a place card for this read.

So what do you think of Risqué Reads ?? Questions? Contact me.

TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)…

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