Happy Rebel Box Review, Fall & Winter 2016

This is one of my very favorite subscriptions – the Happy Rebel Box! I, myself, am a happy rebel – but of course I’m also occasionally a pissy rebel. But we won’t talk about that today.

The Happy Rebel Box is a seasonal subscription filled with ‘simple, edgy, modern, luxe’ items! For $100 each quarter (or $380 pre-paid annual), you get a mixture of beauty, style, home decor and other lifestyle items.

Happy Rebel also donates ten percent of each season’s profits to a different charity that’s helping women and children around the globe. These include nonprofits fighting sex trafficking, violence against women, and extreme poverty, as well as creating opportunities for education and economic self-advancement.

I am not a Happy Rebel affiliate, and I pay for my subscription. Please note that while I do receive boxes free of charge to review from time to time, I *never* accept compensation in exchange for a positive review. All of my reviews are my honest, personal opinions and contain my own photography (unless otherwise stated).

Happy Rebel Box Review, Fall 2016

Love the signature black box with the yellow skull.

I am always excited when this box comes! It is hard to wait 3 months!

Their inserts are always so nice.

This season’s theme is “Worked to the Bone” – which you can see is quite appropriate.  Lots and lots of SKULLS!

There was a *bonus* item sent out to five lucky box subscribers – a gold metal pen to match the set. I was NOT lucky. Bah! The total retail value of this box is $192. That is really good for a $100 box – and if you got the bonus item – it was $$216! Not only is this an incredible value, but the items are high quality to boot!

“Dress for Success” is the charity this season. A portion is donated to help women achieve financial independence. This is so very important!!

Russel+Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser – Retail Value $18

This is a beautiful tape dispenser! The fanciest one I’ve ever had…LOVE the clear/gold – I’m totally re-doing my office right now now and I’m going with a black/white/grey/gold scheme, so this is just so perfect!!!

I chose clear tape that looked golden from a distance to maintain the color scheme. That sounded good, didn’t it? Actually it is just old tape that got yellowed over time. Ha.

Golden Handled Scissors – Retail Value $18

These are some heavy-ass scissors! The blades are stainless steel and super sharp. No one is allowed to use these scissors but me in my household. No touchie! Why do men find it necessary to cut weird things with good scissors, therefore destroying them?

Russel+Hazel Acrylic Stapler – Retail Value $18

More cool accessories for my new office!

The details are really nice!

These desk accessories make everything look so clean and shiny.

D.L. & Co. Stationary Boxed Set (12 cards/12envelopes)- Retail Value $50

I’ve noticed boxes starting to have more and more D.L. & Co. items, which is great because they are far too expensive for me otherwise! I adore their products – the candles, the stationary – it is all very high quality and matches my style – edgy. Subscribers were given the opportunity to *request* the pattern/print on this item: Naughty & Nice, Rotten Luck or Metallic Skulls. In my request I simply put “SKULLS! ALWAYS SKULLS!” – and I got my wish! Thank you!

Love the details on the edges! Anyone who receives one of these from me needs know how special they are. It will be hard to give them up!

Gold Foil Embossed Skull Art Prints (5 x 7) – Retail Value $42

MORE SKUUUUULLLLLSSS!!  Wheeeeeee!!!!! These are totally getting framed and put on the wall in my office. For Halloween this year, I propped them up by the glassware on my wet bar – it was perfect! They change with the light; super cool. This is a Happy Rebel Box exlusive, too – can’t get them anywhere else!

Lauren Moshi Gold Foil Art Notebook – Retail Value $40

This was another item that had variations; this one, and one that had “Love” spelled out with various weapons. They gave me the skulls of course, which made me so very happy. I’m going to call my office “Dead Space”. Hehe.

All artwork by Lauren Moshi; obviously a talented lady and kindred spirit of mine.

I like that the pages are lined – most of my journals are blank inside, so this will be great for writing.

Raindrop Paperclips (2 sizes in gold/black) – Retail Value $6

My ‘Type A’ personality loves it when everything matches.

Very different! Love it!

Here it looks all together – what a gorgeous lot of goodies! Are you jealous?? What do you think of the Fall Happy Rebel Box? Is it just your speed, or is it too creepy for you?

Happy Rebel Box Review, Winter 2016

A big, brown box this time – no signature black box w/skull. That means BIG items!

Packaged nice per usual.

It seemed like forever since the Fall box, so bring on the Winter box!

This season’s theme is “Cozy at Home”, and each subscriber got to customize 2 of the items in their order! You had your choice of the black/white, grey/white or brown/white throw, and one of the four amazing animal print candles!

The charity this season is for “Women’s World Banking” – a global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity.

Here are the items in the box at a glance.

Another shot of all the items – I took the throw blanket out of the bag to show how it was rolled/packed.

Geometric Throw Blanket by Minka InHouse Handmade – Retail Value $80

This is a super cozy-comfy wool knit (reversible!) throw. I chose the grey/white (obviously) and it is my new ‘reading’ blanket. It is large enough to fully curl up in on my couch on lazy Sundays and read all day long. There is reinforced stitching along the border, which will make it last longer around my chaotic house. I love modern looking decor, so this fits in nicely. I really like the black/white one too, I had a hard time choosing! I doubt I would pay $80 for a throw, so another great gift for myself that I would not otherwise own!

Lid Jar Candle by Thompson Ferrier – Retail Value $80

This is an expensive freaking candle! Damn! This is the beauty of subscription boxes right here – I would *never* pay that much for a candle on my own. It comes in a beautiful box, even.

Look how cool it is! I chose the gunmetal grey alligator print. It is just stunning in person, and really heavy.

It is 15.5 oz (large) and has 60 – 80 hours of burn time. It smells lovely and is made with essential oils, and it is a proprietary soy wax blend with 100% cotton wick. The candle alone is nearly the cost of the whole box.

The lid has a seal and stays on even when it is tipped sideways.

Skull Boxed Matches by D.L. & Co. – Retail Value $12

I know they are just long matches, but they have a skull on the box!! That is what makes the whole thing cool. I am going to display my creepy matchbox on my bar. 🙂

Vanilla Body Butter by UrbApothecary – Retail Value $18

This is a yummy-smelling body butter! It smells like chocolate and vanilla mixed together, and moisturizes your skin really well.

The ingredients are organic (chemical-free) and also cruelty-free.

I did notice it went on a little greasy/oily, but soaked into my skin quickly.

Treat Yo’Self Mug by Silvermoon Cantina, and Organic Hot Cocoa by Cocoa Santé – Retail Values $25 / $3

I have a million mugs, but this one is the absolute PERFECT size for hot cocoa! I like a BIG cup of cocoa with LOTS of marshmallows and/or whipped cream (or both!), so I need a wide cup so there is no spillage. This mug is super wide with a narrow rim and accommodates all my requirements! Here is a shot of all the melted marshmallows on top. 🙂

The “Treat Yo’Self” saying is on both sides of the mug! I’ve never seen that done before! I’m always game for trying new hot chocolates, and I have never heard of Cocoa Santé before. I was also thrilled to try an organic cocoa! I’ve recently gone organic (as much as I can) because I found out I have numerous allergies and sensitivities. It was really chocolatey and yummy! I would definitely be willing to buy more.

Me enjoying my cocoa. 🙂 Do I look chic or what?!? Pfft!

I thought this was a GREAT box for winter! I love every single item – and each will get full use (cocoa already gone). No gifting out or swapping on this one – sorry peeps! The Happy Rebel Winter Box ($100) had an amazing retail value of $218!! Wowzers!!

Bonus! Custom Happy Rebel Box Review, 2016

The Happy Rebel also has an online shop where you can purchase items from previous boxes, and also items NOT included in the boxes (while supplies last)! I was all over THAT! If you want to ‘build your own box’ and get a discount, you CAN! Choose 3 or more clothing or jewelry items and get 25% off by using the code: BYOB25. Here is my first custom box package!

I chose a t-shirt, a tunic, a pair of earrings and a choker. I can’t recall the price for each item individually (I can’t find my invoice), but my total was $115.50 after the discount. Pretty reasonable if you think of it as $28.88 per item.

I love this really long black cloth choker with silver studs! They also had one with gold. So many ways to wear this edgy little piece!

These silver/gold ‘spikey’ earring are really fun! Totally my style.

This is one of the softest t-shirts I’ve ever owned. I am top heavy, so everything is tight on me, but this shirt is designed for a loose fit on most. It is dark charcoal grey with a kind of distressed tie-dye look to it, with a little pocket in the front. Love it!

I had to include of picture of Jack – he is always so helpful when I’m working.  🙄

The brand is “By Together”.

This long tunic is kind of a grey-ish olive green color, and is also super soft and comfortable. It looks great with leggings! Which I live in.

Jack helping again. He adds a little something, doesn’t he? (Like a lot dog hair.)

The brand is “1.4.3 Story by Line Up”.

Here I am sporting the grey tee, the choker and the earrings all in one outfit!

Another way to wear the choker.

I love all things Happy Rebel! I received all four boxes for their first year, and each one got more impressive. I’m renewing my annual subscription for 2017, and watching for more goodies like these in their shop!

To see my review of the 2016 Spring Happy Rebel Box, go here, and for my review of the 2016 Summer Happy Rebel Box, go here.

TTFN! CrazyDogMama OUT.

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