Heart + Honey Box Review, May 2017 (NSFW)

You are in for a treat today – this box is reeeeallly fun!  But this post is NOT suitable for work (NSFW) or around the young ones.  The Heart + Honey Box is a brand new adult subscription box (started in January 2017, I believe) that focuses on female sexual wellness and intimate life enhancement.

Each Heart + Honey Box is carefully curated around a wellness theme which enhances a woman’s intimate life, as well as her physical and emotional wellbeing.  Depending on which tier you choose, you can expect to find a quality/luxury erotic toy or aid, and a full box of support products.

The Heart + Honey Box is a recurring monthly subscription that has two tiers; the “Bumble Bee” Box and the “Queen Bee” Box.  You can also purchase a single gift box in their online shop.

1.  The “Bumble Bee Box” starts at $49.99 (+shipping) per month, or you can choose longer subscriptions for a larger savings.  This tier contains a quality sex toy/accessory plus 2-4 sexual and lifestyle products.  All items compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion.

2.  The “Queen Bee Box” starts at $69.99 (+shipping) per month, or you can choose longer subscriptions for a larger savings.  This tier contains a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 2-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products.  All products compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion.

I am not a Heart + Honey affiliate, and I pay for my subscription. Please note that I although I occasionally receive boxes for the purposes of review, I *never* accept compensation in exchange for a positive review.  All of my reviews are my honest, personal opinions and contain my own photography (unless otherwise stated).

Heart + Honey Box Review, May 2017 (Queen Bee Box)

The box is white and nondescript with the exception of this colorful bee here – so you don’t have to worry about the neighbors (or postman) knowing about your little secrets. 😉

The packaging was so lovely!  If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that the aesthetics of box packaging (or lack thereof) can oftentimes make or break a subscription for me!  So, good job Heart + Honey!

The theme this month is centered around “Jasmine”.  Jasmine is one of my all-time favorite scents!  I have two Jasmine bushes in my backyard and get very excited when they bloom.  It’s the little things.

The box at a glance – I love the individual packaging of each item!  It makes the ‘unboxing’ last longer and provides the opportunity for gifting if you are willing to give an item up!  I am not willing, so don’t get any ideas.  MINE MINE, ALL MINE.

I love the bee logo, and the terms ‘Health – Vitality – Passion’ describe this box well!  HEALTH, VITALITY and PASSION are the keys to sexual wellness!  Right off the bat my mind is filled with luxurious images and a sense of getting back to nature – not lust and debauchery. (That comes later…hahaha) But in all seriousness, this box has a classy feel to it, and a relaxing calm vibe. It didn’t make me feel dirty or cheap. I personally think that is awesome, and they are the first adult box I’ve run across that has had that effect.  I’m a fan already.

Thanks!  I’m excited for the opportunity to take part in your subscription!  XOXO back atcha!

This insert card was very informative – I had NO idea that Jasmine was an aphrodisiac!  I’m all over THAT now; I even purchased some Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil after reading this.  LOL!

The last line: “…Jasmine can connect you to the eternal seduction of life.” – Don’t you just love that??

Yep – it’s all or nothing with me – I had to choose the “Queen Bee” Box!  And I’m soooo glad I did!  This insert describes all the items in great detail, why they were chosen, and how they fit into the theme.  I am super impressed at how much information is contained in this box – it really adds to the experience; making it more meaningful instead of just getting a box of ‘stuff’.

Rianne S “Ana’s Trilogy II” – Retail Value $31.89 (this was the Amazon Pricing when I looked last, but it fluctuates)

This box was beautiful and very sturdy – not one I will toss out!

Well, well!  The first thing I opened was this little box of fun – and what fun it is!  Rianne S products are new to me, so this was a treat.

OK, first off, how cool is this mask?!?  It is a Venetian-style masquerade mask that is comfortable to wear, and oh-so exotic!  Of course it was designed as a seduction item in sexual role play, but you could also wear it to a masquerade ball, as a Halloween Costume, or hell, take it with you to Mardis gras!  I’m not tellin’, I’m jus’ sayin’…

It is really pretty – the lace detail is really cool!

This was my attempt at looking sexy for demonstration purposes.  FAIL!  I basically just look stoned – LOL!

These are standard nipple clamps with an added bead detail for weight and decoration.  You can clamp other things too, but I’ll let you figure that out. 😉

Here is a closer look.  They are adjustable.

This is the cutest little anal plug I’ve ever seen!  (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would say.)  It is small, and is designed for beginners, or for those who prefer smaller plugs.

This little plug is made with medical grade silicone, and has a crystal decoration/detail on the bottom.

Behold the “Daring Glass Dil”!  That is the name given for it on the Heart + Honey insert – haha.  I believe it was made exclusively for the Heart + Honey box, but I found an identical one online for $13.95.

This glass dildo is dual-ended, has two different textures and is curved for comfort.  It came in a black velvet bag with no other info/tags.  I really like glass dildos, and received another one that it not curved in a different box – so I was happy to receive a different style.  To see the review on the other one I have, and additional information on glass dildos in general, go here.

Buddha Teas Jasmine Flower Tea – Retail Value $8.99

This tea is 100% organic and made with pure Jasmine blossoms which have been known to increase libido and sexual desire, among many other benefits!  I had no idea.  Each individual packet has a bleach-free tea bag, and they recommend steeping for 3 to 6 minutes depending on your strength preference.  The aroma is incredible!

Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Shea Butter Gift Set – Retail Value $14

This gift set includes a Jasmine Hand Creme and a Jasmine Soap Bar – made with all natural ingredient with notes of Jasmine Absolute, Citrus and Tuberose.  These items are super fragrant – I love them!  The hand creme comes in a small tube that fits perfectly into my purse, too.

I have to say that I’m loving the Jasmine theme!  This set also comes with a very nice ‘To/From’ tag that would make it easy to gift.  I’m keeping both of these items, but I’m saving the tag to use later for something else.

Bugs and Beads Handmade Dried Jasmine Necklace – Retail Value $10

This is such a cool necklace!  Real dried Jasmine flowers in a delicate glass vial with a cork, on a silver chain.  It comes in a cute little box, too, for gifting or storage.

It is definitely what I call a ‘statement’ necklace, and will be a conversation starter for sure.  I am going to layer it with a silver choker necklace for a totally unique BOHO look!

Mystery Bag!

Sliquid Natural Lubricant – Retail Value $1.80 (3 packets)

Lube is always good to have; especially for use with the anal plug.  These small packets are perfect for travel, too!  I also appreciate that this lube is made with natural ingredients; as I am allergic to many other lubricants.

So there you have it!  I was very happy and impressed with my first Heart + Honey box.  I loved the Jasmine theme and how all the items went well together for a total sexual wellness package!  This is the ‘box’ experience at it’s finest because the curation is so thoughtful.  Buying these items individually would not have been nearly as fun as receiving them together in this beautifully packaged box – and I learned something, too!

The total retail value of this box came to $80.63, which is great for a $69.99 box; especially if you consider the added tax/shipping you would pay if you bought the items individually!  What do you think, are you daring enough to try the Heart + Honey Box??

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