Heart + Honey Box Reviews June, July & August 2017 (NSFW)

Are you ready for some seriously spicy Heart + Honey Box fun?!?  WARNING: This post is NOT suitable for work (NSFW) or around the young ones.  The Heart + Honey Box is an adult subscription box that focuses on female sexual wellness and intimate life enhancement.  If you would like to see my other reviews on the Heart + Honey Box, go here.

Each Heart + Honey Box is carefully curated around a wellness theme which enhances a woman’s intimate life, as well as her physical and emotional wellbeing.  Depending on which tier you choose, you can expect to find a quality/luxury erotic toy or aid, and a full box of support products.

The Heart + Honey Box is a recurring monthly subscription that has two tiers; the “Bumble Bee” Box and the “Queen Bee” Box.  You can also purchase a single gift box in their online shop.

1.  The “Bumble Bee Box” starts at $49.99 (+shipping) per month, or you can choose longer subscriptions for a larger savings.  This tier contains a quality sex toy/accessory plus 2-4 sexual and lifestyle products.  All items compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion.

2.  The “Queen Bee Box” starts at $69.99 (+shipping) per month, or you can choose longer subscriptions for a larger savings.  This tier contains a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 2-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products.  All products compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion.

I am a Heart + Honey affiliate, however I pay for my subscription. Please note that I *never* accept compensation in exchange for a positive review.  All of my reviews are my honest, personal opinions and contain my own photography (unless otherwise stated).

Heart + Honey Box Review, June 2017 (Queen Bee Box)

The bee box!  I love their logo; which is both cute and discreet.  You would never know this is an adult subscription box.

Their boxes are very nicely packaged and they use bright colors.

June’s theme is “The Sun”!  How appropriate for summer, eh?

On the back is some info about how the sun relates to sexuality and wellness.  It’s odd though, I have a MAJOR Vitamin D deficiency – I don’t absorb it from the sun for some reason (or more specifically, my body does not do the conversion as explained), HOWEVER…there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with my libido!  Guess I’m lucky that way. 😉

Oh, and I love the quote at the top: “And still, after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth “You owe me”.  Look what happens with a love like that.  It lights the whole sky.” – Hazif

Each month a card is included explaining each item in detail and why it was chosen for that month’s box.  I always enjoy reading it; it adds to the experience!

Let’s start with the sex toys!  I like to get right down to business.

Bliss Bella Mini Bunny Vibrator by Hott Products – Retail Value $34.99

This rabbit vibrator features 12 functions and has a silky smooth soft touch. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a USB charging cable and small storage bag.

OK, how can I not comment on the bunny ears?  If you look closely, it even has a little bunny face complete with nose and eyes!!  LOVE IT! HAHAHA!  There is no good reason I can think of not to have a cute vibrator like this in your collection.  I call it my “Naughty Bunny”. 😉

HUAYI Women’s Pink Large Size Eyeglasses Sunglasses UV400 – Retail Value $12.99

These are funky!  Kind of a retro/vintage 70’s oversized style.  They aren’t really my cup of tea, but I have the perfect person in mind for gifting!  I’m more of a Wayfarer (vintage ‘Risky Business’) sunglasses gal.

I do like the metal detail on the sides.

I thought these were a really fun (and appropriate) addition to the box, and definitely in line with what is trending out there right now.

Soft Cloth Slip In Lady Floral Eyeglass Sunglasses Pouch Case – Retail Value $5.  This case is actually really pretty and I will use it for either sunglasses or to carry my phone in!  There’s nothing worse than getting sand and suntan oil all over your phone!

Aloe & Jojoba Infused Lotion Citrus Mint by NW Beauty Works – Retail Value $7

This is a really nice lotion!  The smell is subtle and fresh, and it absorbs really well.  Great ingredients, too!  Perfect for soothing your skin after a day in the sun!  Also, NW Beauty Works is based in New Orleans, Louisiana!  I heart any product that comes from NOLA!

Sunstone, Silver & White Agate Bracelet by Wristicuffs (Exclusive to Heart + Honey!) – Retail Value $39.99 (based on similar)

I adore this bracelet!! It seems similar to a Mala bracelet – and I love the semi-precious stones!!  It is beautiful and well made, and will definitely be a staple in my jewelry box since I don’t have any other color bead bracelet like this one.

Sunstone: Restores the enjoyment of life, enhances personal leadership and good nature, and provides a sense of abundance.

White Agate:  The stone of protection.

It looks great with the huge and bulky black Fitbit Charge HR and blue nail polish, right?!?  I have such flawless style.

Cute little bag – what could be in it?!?

Lube of course!

Intimate Earth Love Naturally ‘Melt’ Warming Glide Lube (2 Foil Packet Samples) – Retail Value $3.50.  Intimate earth products have no parabens, no benzocaine, no (unnatural) glycerin and no aspartame!

Intimate Earth love naturally! Melt Warming Lubricant is a warming lubricant that contains an intriguing sounding Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark extract. Unlike other warming lubricants that can contain menthol, which is an irritant, Melts unique formula warms the skin on contact through natural derived glycerine and the cinnamomum extract.

What a fun box!!  I thought the “Sun” theme was perfect for summer (duh) and while I loved the ‘personal massager’ per usual, the real standout for me this month was the Wristicuff!  I do happy dances for cool jewelry! Well done Heart + Honey!  The total retail value of this month’s box was $103.47 – that’s pretty darn sweet for a $69.99 box – especially if you consider the tax and shipping you would pay for the individual items if you bought them yourself!  For me, the curation of the box and getting to open it like gift adds value as well, not to mention trying out and finding things I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Heart + Honey Box Review, July 2017 (Queen Bee Box)

Love the bee tape this month!

I’m always excited to see what’s inside!!  There are very minimal spoilers for this box, so it’s truly a surprise every month!!

Vanilla!  July’s theme – and who doesn’t love vanilla?!?

Vanilla is an orchid!  I did not know that.  I also did not know it was an aphrodisiac!  In men, the scent of vanilla correlates with a greater increase in sexual arousal, and for women it creates feelings of comfort and peace as well as appeasing anger and soothing irritability.  This totally explains my need to gobble down an entire pint of Haagen Daaz Vanilla Bean ice cream occasionally.  I need comfort and peace, people. You don’t want me angry and irritable now, do you?

The info card explaining all the product deets!

S-Hande Soft S Vibrator – Retail Value $49.99 (Amazon $22.89)

As stated in the insert card, this bad boy is rechargeable (comes with USB cable), 100% waterproof and made of 100% body safe silicone. It apparently holds a charge for a LONG while (such a good thing!) and is whisper quiet (also a good thing!).  It has 7 modes of vibration stimulation, too.  All those points make it a winner for me!

Obviously I received the purple version, and not the pink version shown on the box.  I like the purple better!  Make my toy box more colorful.

It is so fun when the items are individually wrapped – it makes the surprise last longer!

Summer’s Skin Mint Cream Honey Body Wash – Retail Value $13.95

This is some cool stuff!  It is handmade and contains honey, water, glycerin based soap, glycerin, Peppermint oil, ylang ylang oil and vanilla oil. Their body washes are all made with local, natural honey – which is awesome for your skin – plus it smells amazing!!

Orglamix Tahitian Vanilla Perfume Spray – Retail Value $12

YAY!  I love Orglamix products!  Super excited to get this fragrance, as I don’t see it on the site anymore.  It is made with Madagascar Vanilla, and smells sweet and exotic.  It is designed to go on the pulse points (wrists, neck, etc.) and hopefully soon thereafter, you will have your lover following you around like a puppy dog!

Shunga Erotic Art Vanilla Fetish Massage Candle – Retail Value $6

This is a ‘massage’ candle, so you only burn it until it liquifies, then you use the warm oil to give a sensual massage. It feels OH SO GOOD!! And of course smells wonderful and makes your skin silky soft.

OK here’s the messed up part of me and why I call my blog ‘edgy’.  While the art on this candle is lovely, and seems to be depicting lovers, my brain sees a woman holding a guy by the throat saying something along the lines of “YOU WILL EAT MY SOUP, AND YOU WILL EAT IT NOW!” LOL! I can’t help it. That is not meant to insult the makers of this candle in any way – it is just me being a weirdo.  Can you imagine what I see in ink blots?  Psychologists love me.  Seriously, though, massage candles are cool.

Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube – Retail Value $12.56.  The box contains 12 individual 5 ml pillow packs of lube in 6 different varieties:

  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals H2O Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Sassy Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Silk Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Sea Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Satin Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Silver Pillows

This is a great way to find out which one is your favorite!

The mystery bag!  I wonder what it is??  We already got some lube, so…

It’s a bee magnet!  What a great idea – I really like their logo, and now I can see this cute little guy on my fridge every day!

This was a great month – I am really honestly excited to use these products!  The total retail value this month is $94.50 ($67.40 with Amazon pricing, but you have to consider individual tax and shipping).  All in all a great value and a great curation of items!  I am consistently impressed with Heart + Honey Box; the items are of good quality, they are useful, and they are SO CLASSY! I’ve said this before, but this box doesn’t really feel ‘naughty’, it feels like a Sensual Celebration!

Heart + Honey Box Review, August 2017 (Queen Bee Box)

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  Look out for that Bee Box!

A bright hot pink this month!  Wheeee!

I love it when the packaging is eye candy – and this truly is!  It feels so special.

Everything unboxed…let’s take a closer look!

This month’s theme is “The Sensuality of all Senses“.  Beautiful photography on this insert!

The more you embrace your sensuality, the easier it will be to connect with your sexuality” – Amen to that!  One thing that I really like about Heart + Honey is that they encourage all facets of sensuality – not just the ‘sex’ part.  To be a happy and fulfilled woman who is confident, loves and knows her body, and is a true Goddess who understands that all sensuality and sexuality begins in the MIND!

Their product detail insert card is full of great (and sometimes cheeky) information!  Be sure to read.

Nalone Fi Fi Intimate Massager – Retail Value $58.71

The features as described on their site:

  • Ergonomic USB clitoral vibrator with stimulating twin tips
  • Twinned tips surround your clitoris with scintillating vibrations
  • 7 speeds and patterns to explore for custom sensations
  • User-friendly 2-button interface for seamless control
  • Lightweight, waterproof and travel-friendly for optimum usage
  • USB rechargeable for eco-friendly, reliable power
  • Great for all external stimulation, including the nipples, frenulum and scrotum

It’s funky looking!  I don’t have anything quite like this, so yay!

Comes with a nice storage bag, too!

Ooooohhhhh, what could it be?!?

Silken Floral Scarf – Retail Value $12 (based on similar).  This scarf is not made with real silk, but it is beautiful and SUPER soft. It feels very luxurious! I really like black and pink together, too.


Tied in a loose knot…

If you wanted to use it as a blindfold for sensory deprivation play – here is what it would look like.  You’re welcome. 😉

This scarf is HUGE!  You could roll around on it if you wanted to – lol!

Bijoux Indiscrets by Za Za Zu – Retail Value $15.50

Everybody needs feather handcuffs in their collection!

Trap your love with the softness of feathers” – or leather and chains; whichever you prefer. 😉

OMG how fun are these?!?  Love the big feathers!

And this is how it looks on!

Pretty soft and fluffy!

Soft and fluffy…with an adjustable chain…

Hmmmm…I wonder if I could get away with wearing this as a bracelet??

I think I’m gonna try it, being the daring goddess that I am!  Ha!

Dona “Flirty Blushing Berry” Bubble Bath by System Jo – Retail Value $10.89.  Dona products are awesome!  Not only do they smell great, but they are considered aphrodisiacs because they are infused with pheromones.  They help get the party started!

Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm by Jelique in Pink Lemonade – Retail Value $8.07

According the package, Nippler Nibblers is a cool & creamy balm that provides great lubricity, and is infused with menthol for irresistible nipple arousal that heightens sensitivity to nipples with every touch.

It apparently pairs perfectly with Nalone Fi Fi vibrator!

The little surprise bag!  So cute.

This month the little bag contains 1 packet of Sliquid natural personal lubricant, AND an small lip balm made exclusively for Heart + Honey by Orglamix!  I’m guessing the retail value at around $4 for these.  The lip balm is an all natural blend of peach, sweet, ripe berries, tropical pineapple with a hint of rose and caramel.  I love lip balms and go through them pretty quickly, so I’m always thrilled to get them – especially when they have natural ingredients!

Look at this beautiful spread!  The total retail value come out to $109.17 this month!  That is freaking AWESOME for a $69.99 box!  Now let’s discuss the how the items stack up to the theme of “The Sensuality of all the Senses”!

The five senses:

-Sight (eyes): The beautiful scarf to look at, but also can be used for sight deprivation to heighten the other four senses if you choose.

-Touch (skin): The bubble bath’s luxurious feel on the skin, the cuff’s soft feathers (the cuffs are also for touch deprivation), the lip balm for soft, supple lips, the silky scarf on the skin, the Nipple Nibblers enhancement for nipple play, the lube to enhance and soften any touch and of course the vibrator for sexual stimulation.

-Sound (ears): I suppose you could say the soft vibrations from the Nalone Fi Fi as it is used, but I’m going with all the moaning that will take place when using any of the items! 😉

-Taste (tongue): The Nipple Nibblers pink grapefruit flavor and the lip balm’s tasty concoction.

-Smell (nose): The delicate flirty berry fragrance of the bubble bath and the subtle fruity fragrance of the nipple balm.

It looks like they covered all the bases!  I think this was a really great selection of unique products that can be used together or individually – definitely my favorite box to date!!  Gotta say the feather cuffs were my favorite item this month!

BONUS #1! – Heart + Honey Box Review, Mystery Box!

Yup – there are those cute little bees!  I decided to order one of their single boxes – and I chose a “Mystery” box for $44.99 since I missed the first few months of the Heart + Honey box launch. I emailed customer support and asked if I could get some of the items I did not yet have, and they replied “Of course!  We look at the items you already have and send you ones you don’t!”  I was SUPER stoked!  They have wonderful customer service, btw!

So excited to see what they sent me!!

Blown away!!!  I cheated and snuck a peek at all the items in previous boxes and they chose EVERY SINGLE THING I WANTED!!  It’s like they READ.MY.MIND!  Sooooo happy!  Let’s take a closer look!

They sent me a personalized note with my mystery box.

Super nice note – and I must say that I totally agree on the Positivity items!

BeGee Deluxe G-Spot Vibrator by B-Swish – Retail Value $39.97.  OK, I saw the name “Be Gee” and immediately thought of the band the “Bee Jees” and now all I can see is the model on the front groovin’ to “Stayin’ Alive” – LOL!!  To know me is to love me, right? 🙂  I provided the link because I know you have to listen to the song now.  I know I did!  Enjoy!

Just so you know, I’m listening to that song while I write this post AND I’m singing along…I may start dancing soon.

I don’t know why, but I like the look of this vibe!  Is that weird?

The features:

“The Bgee Deluxe presents endless pleasure in the palm of your hand. A rounded body with an angled, circular tip offers pinpoint precision in tandem with overall stimulation. Lie back and enjoy the waterproof opportunities while 6 functions caress your senses. Its ABS plastics and PU coated materials offer minimal cleanup with limitless possibilities.”

The “Positivity Aromatherapy Set” by Frequency Spray – Retail Value $19.99 (this set also included a small bag of bath tea that is not included in the online set – I’m guessing value at $2?)

Frequency Positivity Smudge and Aroma Spray – smells fresh and clean; kind of ‘citrusy’ with a spicy ‘kick’ to it!  It is made with Himalayan sea salt, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, rosemary essential oil, clove essential oil and peppermint essential oil. I spray this on my face every morning, and several times throughout the day!

I live for essential oils, and this has been a HOT summer – so any and all of my facial sprays have been used constantly!

The Frequency Spray trademark is putting different ‘feeling’ stones in their products!  The Positivity spray has Golden Jade (Jasper) stones in it – which are meant to elevate your spirit. How cool is that?!?

This is Positivity Crystal Soap – an all natural glycerin soap made with lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil and clove essential oil. It also has the Jasper Stones!

I’m going to keep all the stones and make a necklace or bracelet with them!

This is my favorite of the bunch – straight up essential oil – the “Positivity Essential Oil Blend”. It is a blend of lemon essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil and clove essential oil. It is also has the trademark Golden Jade (Jasper) stones at the bottom.

There is no information included on this little bag of bath tea, but it is a wonderful little addition to the Positivity Set!

And of course the goodie mystery bag!

2 Packets of Sliquid personal lubricant and 2 batteries for the vibrator!  Excellent!  Retail Value $3?

I was so very happy with my mystery box – and am now a regular customer at the Frequency Spray shop!  They have a great selection of products.  The total retail value of this box was $64.96 – can’t complain about that for $44.99!

BONUS #2! –  Get a free Heart + Honey Box Toy Bag!

If you sign up for the Heart + Honey newsletter, for a limited amount of time you can receive this complimentary toy bag (empty) and a discount on a purchase at the Heart + Honey shop!  It is a nice sized silky golden bag – perfect for any ‘toy’ that may not have come with it’s own storage bag.

I don’t know about you, but I may get another mystery box with my discount card!  Maybe I’ll get some more Positivity items!!  Wink Wink Hint Hint!! 😀

So what do you think of all the Heart + Honey boxes?!?  Are you ready yet to shed those inhibitions and explore your female sensuality?  I hope so!  See ya next time!

-CrazyDogMama xoxo

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