I’m Losin’ It

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Me in August of 2014, and then in October of 2015. I lost 75 pounds in a year! From my highest weight EVER in November of 2009, I am now down a grand total of 95 pounds. I still have a way to go to get to my goal, but I *will* get there – probably in another year or so. There is no real ‘secret’ to my success, I just had to do the work, and do it consistently.  So, this is where I am going to share with you my journey in this major weight loss and how I have adopted a realistic, yet effective nutrition and fitness lifestyle for myself at 44 years old.

I don’t use any ONE program, I have combined elements from many different philosophies and drawn my own conclusions from years and years of research and figuring out (the hard way) what works for ME.  What I do may not work for you – we are all unique, but I’m hoping I can help give you some ideas and at the very least, some inspiration and motivation!  It CAN be done, but it does require some changes and some work.  I am quite happy with my lifestyle now because I am going in the right direction. I am not finished, but I know now that I can do what I’m doing for-EVER! It isn’t that hard! I really haven’t given up anything – only balanced things out. I eat chocolate. I eat carbs. I love to intermittently fast (IF) – and despite what you may think, it feels wonderful and is VERY good for you!

It is extremely important to note that a large part of my success has been due to psychological changes – not just eating healthy and exercising. I had to face some difficult truths about myself before anything worked.  You can diet your ass-off, know every single thing about nutrition and fitness, but if you can’t look deep inside and make changes there, you will forever be ‘dieting’ and unhappy.  The physical things I do now for health seem effortless compared to the battle that I fought within myself for years.  I’m not saying that losing weight is easy, but I am saying that it will be less of a struggle once you set yourself free.  No, I’m not some self-help guru or mystic – I’m a fighter.  This whole persona I had going on of being pissed-off and depressed all the time had to STOP.  I made it my life mission to find out WHY I was feeling this way.  I kept thinking I felt so bad 24/7 because I was fat; that all my problems would vanish if I could just lose weight.  Nope.  I hated my weight – that’s true – but it was not the root of my problem.

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