Who is CrazyDogMama?

Hi, I’m Cheryl, and I have been known as “CrazyDogMama” since 2003. I was the FIRST CrazyDogMama on the net, but it took me 12 frigging years to buy my own domain name, so there are others out there now because I am a big ol’ slacker. It’s upsetting, but I’m dealing with it.  Sort of.

It all began on “Blogger” all those years ago because I was the proud owner of two very CRAZY and willful Cairn Terriers named Louie and Maggie, and I wanted to document all the antics and funny stories that my life was filled with daily. Over the years, my hobby evolved into much more than a cutesy blog about dogs, though, it contained just about everything in my life – including some very dark days. I’ve been through everything. Well, OK, not everything, but seriously a lot. In fact, so much that I am now a freelance writer working on an autobiography of sorts. My book is going to be named “Electric Garden” (when I get around to finishing it – remember the slacker thing), and it is about how I overcame a shit storm of personal trauma and tragedy, and how I am continuing to navigate my way through this ever-changing life of mine.

As you can probably tell by now, I don’t take myself too seriously, but I do take my passions seriously, and one of those passions is blogging. I started my life over, and with it came a new blog. My old blog is still up, but I am debating with myself over what to do with it since there is SO MUCH CONTENT.

I currently share my life in sunny Southern California with the man of my dreams and Jack the Cairn Terrier.  I am also a proud mama to my step son who is pursuing his dreams in Chicago!  Sadly, I lost Louie in 2011 and Maggie in 2015, but I was just recently adopted by Jack, and now there is even more “crazy” in CrazyDogMama!

Crazydogmama Puppy

Me & Jack

laying on the couch with the dog

Dale (my sweetie) chillin’ on the couch with Maggie

cairn terriers, dogs at door

“Maaa! It’s snowing – let us in!”  -Louie & Maggie

Cairn Terriers, Dog jaws

“Jaws” -Louie & Maggie

Cairn Terriers, dogs in car


Warning:  I blog here about whatever I want, whenever I want – and the subjects go all over the place. I am not always politically correct, I cuss and I’m a little twisted. If you are easily offended, this probably isn’t the place for you. I also have too many interests to have a single-focused blog. I am a food blog, a box subscription review blog, a dog blog, a fashion blog, a content (writer’s) blog, a photo blog, a decor blog and a travel blog – all rolled into one. They say that isn’t the best approach because I can’t classify my site or direct web traffic appropriately, so I guess I’m paving the road for a new type of “Life” blog that breaks all the current rules that are written on how to have a successful blog.  Someone’s gotta do it, right?

Don’t be shy!  Look around, comment and say hello!  Some of the best people I’ve ever met – I’ve met through blogs!

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