Balbo Park, San Diego

Balboa Park, San Diego

We spent last Saturday at Balboa Park in San Diego, California.  It was overcast and a little chilly, but it was a nice trip.  We hopped on the free tram from the parking lot and grabbed the seat with our back to the engine and it turned out to be the BEST seat because the heat emanating from the motor kept us warm!  On the way back, we were prepared to get the same warm seat and push old ladies out of the way if necessary.  Kidding.  Sort of.  The Botanical Garden there has some beautiful and interesting foliage – ripe for taking pictures – and there is a pond out front with some huge Koi fish.  We heard Hare Krishna’s singing, saw belly dancers and ate Kobe burgers at The Prado restaurant.  I really liked hearing bells ring from a church (or something) near by during out trek down a little palm tree path – it added a little something.  We were only there a few hours and it was getting dark, but I would really like to take the ‘Japanese Friendship Garden’ tour when we have more time.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.

balboa park, san diego, architecture san diego

balboa park, san diego, vines

the prado, restaurants in san diego

balboa park, san diego

light fixtures, san diego

balboa park, san diego

balboa park, san diego, tree roots balboa park

balboa park, san diego, botanical gardens balboa park

balboa park, san diego, koi pond balboa park

balboa park, san diego

Belly Dancers Balboa Park, balboa park, san diego, belly dancers

balboa park, san diego, balbo park belly dancers, belly dancer

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  • Cathy January 25, 2016 07.51 am

    Love the belly dancers! Pretty botanicals too!


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