Tieks, Tieks by Gavrielli

CrazyDogMama’s Crushes March, 2016!

‘CrazyDogMama’s Crushes’ is going to be a new recurring theme post for my Blog!  It is your basic ‘Stuff I’m Loving’ type of deal where I tell you all about the people, places and things I’m crushing on at the moment.

I have been shopping a lot lately – and I’m excited to share some of my finds!  Being that I spend 75% of my life online, it is hard not to just want every damn thing.  I’m like a kid with A.D.D. when it comes to browsing, though, I get 20 windows deep in links!  BUT! I don’t have to drive anywhere, get dressed, walk or talk to anyone.  I can power shop like a mo’ fo’ on Amazon and Etsy.

#1 – Crushing on Tieks by Gavrielli

I have trouble with shoes in general.  I have a narrow heel and wide foot – and just about every pair of shoes I buy give me major blisters that leave terrible scars until they are well broken-in.  I saw Tieks on Pinterest and did some research.  All the reviews I saw boasted “no blisters”, “best buy ever”, etc., so I decided to give them a try despite their wickedly high price tag. Oprah rants and raves about them, too, and Oprah is never wrong, right?  Ha!  Oprah. Anyway, I started with a pair of the black leather ones. They are AWESOME. Worth every penny. They are extremely comfortable and it’s been three weeks now and NO BLISTERS.  Not one.  I’ve walked around the mall and I’ve worn them all day, every day since I bought them. It was hard to part with such a large amount of money for such a small ballet flat shoe (the prices range from $175 to $345 – damn Italians and their leather – haha), but I am a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ (to a point).  I was so impressed with them that I bought a second (more expensive) pair – the sand snake print!  They are all super cute, too, and depending on what color you choose, they pretty much go with everything.  I can’t speak to the longevity or durability of their design just yet, but I have high hopes that I won’t need any more flats for some time to come.  I have even gotten rid of most of my other flats because they were so uncomfortable!  I’m a minimalist (sort of) – no point in keeping stuff I’ll never wear again.

The packaging and presentation of Tieks is superb.  They come in a sturdy, beautiful teal box with a pretty flower elastic ribbon that you will want to keep.  There is a hand-written note in each box (nice touch!) AND a bag that you can fold and unfold in it’s attached case to be used for the shoes or whatever you want.  I’m using mine for beach gear!  All in all, I highly recommend you take the plunge if you can at all afford it because it will save you money in the long run.  I am REALLY hard on shoes, so I usually have to spend money over and over again in short amounts of time.  There was a time when this purchase wouldn’t have been possible for me, so I get it, but do whatever you can to try and score a pair!  Your feet (and inevitably the rest of your body) will thank you, I promise!

Tieks, Tieks Box, Tieks Packaging

Tieks Packaging

Tieks, Card in Tieks

Tieks Card

Tieks, Tieks by Gavrielli

Tieks Order

Tieks, Sand Snake Tieks

Tieks in Sand Snake

Tieks, Black Leather Tieks, Black Tieks

Tieks in Black Leather

Tieks Bag

Tieks Bag

#2 – Crushing on Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is BAD ASS.  If you have to drink more than one cup of coffee to stay awake (like me) and don’t want to have to, this is the brand for you.  I again did my research, and everyone seemed to love it, so I gave it a whirl.  One of the reviews I read on Amazon made me laugh for days:  “REALLY GOOD COFFEE! IF YOU DRINK ONE CUP, YOU GET A LOT OF WORK DONE, IF YOU DRINK 4, YOU CAN READ PEOPLE’S MINDS AND START SEEING A NEW COLOR.”

Oh, and it tastes really good, too!  🙂  Nice and smooth and incredibly bold.  I purchased the Keurig pods, and they work good.  They come in a nice resealable bag, and I love how it says “10 Death Cups” at the bottom – LOL.  However, if you are sensitive to caffeine in any way – DO NOT drink this coffee! Death Wish Coffee has an alarming 660mg of caffeine vs. an average of 217mg of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee.  That’s 200% more!!  Don’t plan on sleeping for awhile – take the skull and crossbones seriously!

Death Wish Coffee, Coffee, Strong Coffee, Bold Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee, starbucks writeable cup, table decor, kitchen decor

#3 – Crushing on Starbucks Double Wall Traveler with Chalk Pen

I was standing in line at Starbucks and saw this, and knew I needed to have it.  I didn’t care about reviews, I just loved the idea of writing and doodling on my coffee cup.  I mean, the possibilities are endless!  It is a conversation starter for sure, it inspires creativity and it (can) make a statement.  For an example of my vast imagination, see below.  I’m a little grumpy in the morning before I’ve had caffeine, which explains the need for Crush #2.  I’m having fun  – I will upload my (more artistic) future creations to Instagram!

Starbucks Writeable Cup, Starbucks Cup

Let me know your thoughts!  What are YOU crushing on this week?

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