PupJoy Box Subscription Review April & May 2016

You didn’t think I forgot to get a box subscription for Jack did you??  I ordered a dog subscription box before I even got A DOG! That’s how nuts I am. In April I started to research dog boxes – I looked at Bark Box, Wigglebutt Box, Pup Box, Pet Treater – all of them. I decided on PupJoy Box because they use US-based goods from local artisans, and this is their box description:

“The only truly tailored all-natural dog box. Organic? Grain Free? Durable Toys? Yep! Choose your size, type, schedule, dietary needs, toy preferences & more!”

Also, this is the description of their charitable giving:

“Our Helping Paws program donates a full 10% of purchases to your preferred animal rescue. It’s not a percentage of profits, proceeds or any other vague terms – all of which are hard to quantify and a fraction of purchase price – our Helping Paws program is simple and transparent, 10% of purchase.  The Care Packs program also helps those in need by using $2 of your subscription to fund PupJoy boxes that are delivered free of charge to dog parents who are undergoing treatments for breast cancer, and as a result are limited in their ability to care for the nurturing dogs by their side.”

Sounded pretty good to me.  I read a review (can’t remember where now – sorry) that gave PupJoy one of the highest ratings among 12 other boxes – and THAT dogmama was even pickier than me, so I decided to give them a try.

PupJoy is a premium, monthly, personalized surprise box curated for dogs with durable toys, organic treats, chews and high quality accessories. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  There are no ‘themed gimmicks’ or ‘stale samples’.  There is a point reward system and a referral program.

Here is how you can tailor your preferences; taken straight from the PUPJOY site:



Great for Single Dog Households or Multiple Dogs with Smaller Appetites
Plus-Sized Box for Multiple Dog Households or Just Really Big Appetites

BOX TYPE: ($23 to $44 with free shipping in US and $5 for Canada)

-Treats, Toys & Accessories
-Toys & Accessories Only
-Treats Only


All Natural
Gourmet, natural ingredients.
Grain Sensitive
No Wheat, Corn, or Soy.
Protein Sensitive
No Beef, Chicken or Dairy.
Unsurpassed, Eco-Friendly.


Egalitarian (Mix)
For low-maintenance dogs that are good with all toys, the egalitarian box features a fun variety of high-quality toys.
Inquisitive (Durable)
For curious dogs who love to pull apart soft toys, this box features more durable toys and chews with no stuffing.
Sensitive (Plush)
For gentle souls that prefer to snuggle with their toys & not destroy them, the sensitive box features soft & plush toys.


Tea Cup
I fit into purses. Pretty cool huh?
Under 10 lbs.
Yet big enough to warm your feet.
10-20 lbs.
But never average. More like ideal.
20-50 lbs.
And I still think I fit in your lap.
50-100 lbs.
Gentle Giant. Big heart + shoulders.
Over 100 lbs.



NUMBER OF BOXES:  (the more you buy, the more the savings)

-Month to Month
-3 Boxes
-6 Boxes
-12 Boxes


On top of all THAT, they have the “PUPSHOP” where you can buy individual toys, leashes, collars, beds, doggie outfits, etc. without having to subscribe to a box, or like me, if you see something you just MUST have, but it didn’t come in your box, AND they have a blog called “The Doggone Minute“.  Super Cute.  They have photo contests and all sorts of neat things on their social media, too. It is overwhelming and AWESOME.

My choices and price:  Uno, Treats, Toys & Accessories, Grain Sensitive (grain free), Small, Egalitarian – $33/month.  No tax for me in California and free shipping.  I used a coupon for my first box (you can do a google search for box subscription coupons) and got it for $28 for the first month.

I did not have the pleasure of Jack’s help opening my first PupJoy box in April, but I had fun out in the backyard taking pictures of the stash, and had it all ready to go for puppy’s first day home. Keep in mind I *thought* I was getting a girl puppy named Mavis.  For the second box in May, he went ballistic with Daddy for it’s unboxing.  The pictures are beyond cute.

PupJoy Box # 1 – April 2016 (Paid $28, valued at $49.26 + $24 replacement leash)

PupJoy April 2016 Box

PupJoy April 2016 Open Box

PupJoy April 2016 Contents

All the treats are organic and high quality as stated, but Jack had an incident that made him not eat at all for a few weeks, even treats, (story here), so I was worried these would go to waste, BUT, he is back to normal now and has gobbled them all up.  🙂

PupJoy April 2016 Treat 2

PupJoy April 2016 Treat 1

PupJoy April 2016 Treat 3

PupJoy April 2016 Collar

They sent me a pink collar because I put down in my profile that I had a girl dog named Mavis. Once we got home with JACK (see THAT story here) I emailed them and explained my situation, to which they replied “We are all out of blue collars, but how about a blue leash? No need to send the collar back, just please give it to someone who can use it”. How cool is that?? They sent me a $24 leash! I was most pleased and give their customer service an A+!

PupJoy April 2016 Leash

Here is the blue leash which I got a few days later – made by the same company.  I may adopt (rescue) a girl Cairn in the future, so I kept the pink collar, but if I don’t, I will give it to a local rescue group through my vet.  Both items are very high quality.

PupJoy April 2016 Toy

Jack sleeps on Mr. Fuzzy Warrior, and chews on him.

PupJoy April 2016 Jack Toy 2

PupJoy Box # 2 – May 2016 (Paid $33, valued at $54.91)

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 1

“This is for ME?  Really?!?  Lemme seeee!”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 2

“No, you’re doing it wrong, you have to open it HERE, look…SEE?  Right HERE!”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 3

“OOOOOOH, look at all this stuff….”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 5

“Hey!  Gimme!  That’s MINE!  Quit touching it!”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 11

“I’m taking this – I don’t trust you with it, there are creatures INSIDE!”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 8

“The inhabitants are tasty.”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 10

“OK, what else do we have in here? This smells good…”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 4

“But DAAAAAD!!  I WANT IT!!  Come ON!  I won’t choke on it, I promise!”

PupJoy May 2016 Jack 7

“OK, you hold the bag steady now, I’m going in…”

PupJoy May 2016 Treat 2

PupJoy May 2016 Treat 1

PupJoy May 2016 Toy 2

This is one of the cutest toys I’ve ever seen – and it has been a HUGE hit!!  The expressions on the Meerkat faces just crack me up!  It’s like they’re saying “AAAHHHH!! HELP US!!”

PupJoy May 2016 Toy 1

This toy has a peanut butter smell!!!

PupJoy May 2016 Toy 1 Closeup

PupJoy May 2016 Contents

PupJoy May 2016 Jack Thankyou

“Thanks Mom!!”

I’m super impressed with PupJoy so far – the value is there, the quality is there, and I’ve already had a great experience with their customer service.  Jack approves too!  How do you think this compares with other dog boxes?  Let me know what you think!

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  • Cathy July 18, 2016 07.11 am

    Ye God’s!!!! You really are the Box Queen!! Love the stuff in this PupJoy box! Would make a great birthday gift for that special pup!


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