Passport to Beauty Box Review, September 2017

This is the debut box in a brand-spanking-new subscription called Passport to Beauty by Shalini Vadhera! Shalini Vadhera is a global beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist who is the founder and CEO of the ‘Passport to Beauty’ brand. In her newest venture, she is personally curating the most luxurious beauty products and secrets from the around the world and delivering them right to your doorstep.

The Passport to Beauty Box will feature amazing discoveries from around the world that bring you the perfect mini escape for the ultimate me time. As a VIP Traveler, you’ll be the first to experience innovative beauty products formulated in our labs based on the beauty secrets from these gorgeous cities, rituals for inner beauty and self care, foods that are sure to delight, and beautiful curated pieces that instantly transport your senses directly to that destination.

The box is $49.99 (with free US Shipping) and is shipped out every 8 weeks (Bi-Monthly).  The website boasts that there is over $200 of value in every box! That sounded great me, so I signed up!

Each box will have a new destination with authentic and amazing discoveries, and the first destination is Barcelona. Oh how I would love to go to Barcelona, Spain! But since I can’t right at the moment, this is the next best thing. Ready to see what Shalini picked out?  Let’s do it!

I am not a Passport To Beauty affiliate, and I pay for my subscription. Please note that I although I occasionally receive boxes for the purposes of review, I *never* accept compensation in exchange for a positive review.  All of my reviews are my honest, personal opinions and contain my own photography (unless otherwise stated).

Passport to Beauty Box Review, September 2017

The box was larger than I expected, and the black with gold writing is handsome.  Once shipped, it arrived pretty quickly.

The gold tissue paper was a nice touch, and there was a note attached.

Box #1 was destination Barcelona, and the website shows that Box #2 is Tibet and Box #3 is Buenos Aires! REALLY looking forward to the Tibet box!

Let’s see what Barcelona has to offer!

A wide variety of colorful goods! Beauty, Style, Culinary and Travel! Let’s take a closer look…

The box includes a really professional magazine-style insert, complete with photos and a detailed description of each item and why it was chosen. I love it when box subscriptions do this; it really adds to the experience.

Here is Shalini herself, in all her beautiful glory!

The magazine also has some recipes to try – OMG that Sangria recipe!  MUST.TRY.  I love me some Sangria!

And some anti-aging tips…

First we have the beauty items in the box. Surprise, surprise, the “Passport To Beauty” brand developed a line of Spanish Riviera products! The packaging is gorgeous and these items have a definite “luxury” feel to them.

Passport to Beauty Spanish Riviera Whipped Face & Body Bronzing Elixir 3 oz – Retail Value $45.  Note: This product alone is nearly the cost of the whole box!

This body bronzing elixir is infused with Spanish Saffron (aids in evening out skin tone leaving it bright and radiant) and a luxurious blend of oils rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, B6 and E. It gives you an all-over glow – just like those gorgeous women of Barcelona you want to hate.

Here is the formula. I am already tan, so it may be hard to tell on me, but it is a brownish color with gold sparkles in it, and it smells like tangerines!

It gave me a very subtle bronzing effect, and I felt all glow-y! I love it! I’m a highlighter junkie, so I like anything sparkly. It is very hydrating without being greasy – so that is nice, too. I didn’t notice any tan ‘lines’ or discoloration, either. A win for me! Let’s not talk about how my arm looks like a leg, though.

Passport to Beauty Spanish Riviera Sea Salt Body Scrub 4 oz – Retail Value $38.50. I’m always game for a great scrub! Exfoliating is important, ladies! This scrub has a mild citrus and sea salt fragrance and works like a charm. They recommend using it prior to the bronzer for a smoother application.

The women of Catalan, also known as some of the sexiest women in the world, know the secret to a simple and effortless approach to beautiful, glowing skin. They look to the Mediterranean for the incredible skin loving benefits of sea salt. We created this Spanish Riviera Sea Salt Body Scrub that uses sea salt to loosen and exfoliate skin cells while Sunflower Seed Oil, rich in Vitamins E, A, C and D hydrates and protects leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Passport to Beauty Spanish Riviera F.A.C.E Flash Nourishing Vitamin Oil 1 oz – Retail Value $48.50. This face oil had no discernible scent whatsoever that I could tell; which could be a very good thing for those sensitive to fragrance. It went on very smooth and my skin soaked it right up in about 5 minutes without leaving any greasiness. It can be used morning or night, and you only need 2 or 3 drops, so it will last a long while! I will be curious to see if I notice a difference in my skin after using it for a week or two.

The women in Spain are known for their flawless radiant complexions. Their secret? Applying a blend of vitamins directly to their skin to keep it in tip-top shape. Passport To Beauty’s F.A.C.E Flash oil gives your skin an instant dose of concentrated vitamins. Containing a rich blend of vitamins F, A, C, and E providing skin regeneration, wrinkle reduction, an antioxidant boost and a more evened skin tone, making skin appear youthful, flawless and radiant.  Give your skin a healthy flash of vitamins.

LOF Love of Fashion In New York Summer Scarf – Retail Value $15 (based on similar).  I couldn’t find this exact scarf online, but other similar LOF scarves were around this price. According to the magazine insert, subscribers either received this pink one or a turquoise green one. I was a little disappointed that this scarf wasn’t actually from Barcelona or the Spanish Riviera, but I get the reason for the inclusion. The people of Barcelona love to wear brightly colored scarves; tassled, patterned and striped.

This summer scarf can be worn so many different ways!

I think my favorite way is wearing it as a sheer shawl or cover-up; perhaps over a tank top or bathing suit. Even though it isn’t from Barcelona, I still think it is very pretty and I can incorporate it into my wardrobe easily.

Walter + Ray Leather Luggage Tag – Retail Value $15

I’ve gotten a LOT of luggage tags over the years in subscription boxes and I have to say that this one is the BEST ONE yet! I love the yellowish-green color they call “Inchworm Green” – it will definitely stand out when searching for my luggage!  It is also incredibly soft cowhide leather. The others I’ve received have all been either faux leather or plastic, so I’m stoked! This item isn’t from Spain obviously, but will be a lovely accompaniment to a trip there if you choose!

A discount card was also included for 20% off any Walter + Ray purchase. They have a matching passport holder, so that would be a great addition!

Saffron Secret, Saffron Hair Oil 2 oz – Retail Value $64.95 (Amazon $59.95)

This is the “Hero” item in the box – a super luxurious hair oil made with 100% organic saffron grown in the fields of Spain! This stuff is the DA BOMB! I don’t use a lot of hair products because I have fussy hair, but this stuff is really something. It gives me awesome shine and tames my frizzies without being heavy or greasy. Here is what the website has to say:

Style your hair with the first-ever hair oil to be loaded with 100% organic saffron. Called the king of spices, saffron nourishes hair with concentrated Vitamin B2, a key activator of Vitamin B6 and niacin, which are key to hair health.

It’s the key active ingredient in this light, multitasking styling miracle, which does the job of your leave-in conditioner, styling cream, serum and shine spray, all in in one. That leaves your hair sleek, smooth, shiny and styled to perfection.

I have color treated hair, so I tend to have dry hair with a lot of breakage. I’m hoping that with the use of this oil, I have less of that!

The culinary part of the box was nicely packaged separately in this bag; I’m guessing in case there was spillage.

I love these selections! Tappas are popular in Spain, and olives, olive oil and a dipping dish will help make some tasty Tappas!

There was an insert card for the food items; however the same information was covered in the magazine insert. Having the separate card, though, will allow you to keep it in the kitchen for reference if you wish.

Serpis Lemon-Stuffed Manzanilla Olives 3.2 oz – Retail Value $1.69

Citrus flavors are very popular in Spain, and there is an abundance of olives there, so this Spanish product combines them! These can be enjoyed by themselves, or in a variety of different Tappas recipes. Delicious!

Sutter Buttes Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil – Retail Value $3.60

This olive oil is produced in California, but it was pressed from a Spain original, the Arbequin olive native to Spain. It has a delicate flavor and has a ton of health benefits.

It is a perfect match for the Serpis lemon-stuffed olives! Simply drizzle the oil over the olives and enjoy!

Handmade and Hand-Painted Spanish Terracotta Petit Bowl – Retail Value $3.70 (you can get a set of 5 on Amazon for $18.49)

This is the cutest little bowl ever! It is so colorful and happy. It is made in Spain and hand painted, and you guessed it…perfect to use for the olives and olive oil! I just may get the set!

Bonus – it’s dishwasher and microwave safe!

So there’s the first Passport To Beauty Box! What do you think?

The total retail value was $235.94 – that is PHENOMENAL for a $49.99 box, y’all!! Although not every item was from Barcelona proper, they were all consistent with the theme, and I was happy with, and will use them all! Bravo to Shalini on her debut box.

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